Diseases of Blood System

Acupuncture for leukocytopenia
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Leukocytopenia means that the number of white cells in the peripheral blood is kept less than 4×109 /L and neutrophilic granulocyte percentage is normal or slightly reduced. There are no clinical manifestations or just mild fatigue and infection. This disease pertains to the conception of consumptive disease in TCM due to weakness in constitution, overstrain, lack of proper caring after illness, invasion of virus or improper use of drugs that lead to consumption of healthy qi, asthenia of the spleen and kidney, insufficiency of transformation and decline of nutritive qi, defensive qi, qi and blood.

Syndrome differentiation
1. Asthenia of the Spleen and Kidney
No appetite, lassitude, lusterless complexion, palpitation and insomnia, cold body and limbs, loose stool, light-colored tongue with thin fur, weak pulse.

2. Insufficiency of the Liver and Kidney
Dizziness, insomnia, amnesia, aching and weakness of loins and knees, low fever and night sweating, red tongue with scanty fur, thin and rapid pulse.

1. Body Acupuncture
Prescription: Zusanli (ST 36), Sanyinjiao (SP 6), Xuehai (SP 10), Geshu (BL 17), Shenshu (BL 23) and Guanyuan (CV 4).

Modification: For asthenia of the spleen and kidney, Dazhui (GV 14) and Pishu (BL 20) are added; for insufficiency of the liver and kidney, Taichong (LR 3) and Taixi (KI 3) are added; for insomnia, Shenmen (HT 7) is added.

Performance: Reinforcing needling technique is used. Both acupuncture and moxibustion are applied. For evident asthenia of yang, heavy moxibustion is resorted to.

2. Ear Acupuncture
Prescription: Spleen (CO13), Kidney (CO10), Liver (CO12), Endocrine (CO18), Sympathetic Nerve (AH6a) and Ear Shenmen (TF4).

Performance: Each time 3 - 4 acupoints are selected and needled with mild stimulation.

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