Diseases of Dermatology

Acupuncture for flat wart
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Flat wart refers to viral small growth in the superficial part of the skin, usually seen among young people on the dorsum of hand or face due to retention of pathogenic wind-heat in the skin or due to liver stagnation and blood asthenia as well as stagnation of qi and blood.

Syndrome Differentiation
It usually appears on the face, dorsum of hand and forearm. The flat macules are marked by the size of needle point, sesame or soy bean with clear border, slight prominence over the skin, normal or brownish color, scattered or linear distribution and no esthesia.

1. Body Acupuncture
Fengchi (GB 20), Hegu (LI 4), Quchi (LI 11) and Xuehai (SP 10).

For wart on the face, Taiyang (EX-HN 5), Yangbai (GB 14), Quanliao (SI 18) and Jiache (ST 6) are added; for wart on the dorsum of hand, Zhongzhu (TE 3) and Waiguan (TE 15) are added; for distension of head and dysphoria, Neiguan (PC 6) and Xingjian (LR 2) are added.

Each time several acupoints are selected and needled with reducing needling technique. The needles are retained for 15 - 30 minutes.

2. Ear Acupuncture
Endocrine (CO18), Cheeks (LO5.6i) and Ear Shenmen (TF4).

Medium stimulation is required and the needles are retained for 15 - 30 minutes. The needling is done once a day or Wangbuliuxingzi (Semen Vaccariae) is used for ear acupressure. The patient is advised to press ear acupoints twice or 3 times a day.
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