Gallbladder meridian of foot shaoyang
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Starting from lateral angle of eye, gallbladder meridian of foot-shaoyang absorbs qi of triple energizer meridian of hand-shaoyang. Ascending to forehead triangle and descending backward to upper border of ear, then curving posterior aspect of ear, it descends forward to supraclavicular fossa. Forking from posterior ear, it penetrates into ear and comes out of anterior aspect of ear then runs obliquely to lateral side of lateral angle of eye. There is ramification descends from lateral angle of eye to Daying and diverges a branch which runs obliquely upward and passes anterior aspect of cheek bone to lower side of eye. Its trunk goes from Daying to angle of mandible and descends from neck to supraclavicular fossa, then crosses descending trunk which mentioned above. Forking inner and outer abdomen branches from here, inner abdomen branch penetrates into chest, passes through disphragmatic muscle and is distributed in liver and gallbladder; it comes out of groin, curves around pubic hairs and crosses to posterior aspect of hip joint.

Lateral branch ascends obliquely from collarbone to anterior side of shoulder joint and descends to oxter, then descends from lateral aspect of abdomen and goes anterior inferior iliac spinet to anterior side of thigh, it crosses lower branch of inner abdomen. Running from posterior side of hip joint along lateral side of thigh and passing lateral aspect of knee joint, then descending fibula, anterior side of lateral malleolus along dorsum of foot to lateral side of the fourth toe. There is a branch at dorsum of foot running obliquely to hallux end and is distributed in flocci of hallux which connects with liver meridian of foot-jueyin and communicates with liver meridian of foot-jueyin.

Collateral of gallbladder meridian of foot-shaoyang:
Collateral of gallbladder meridian starts from Guangming acupoint of gallbladder meridian which is 5 cun of upper border of lateral malleolus. It diverges two branches from here, the first penetrates into medial side of shinbone, connects with liver meridian of foot-jueyin and forms intercommunication gangway of meridians in internal and external relation. The second branch descends along gallbladder meridian and is distributed in dorsum of foot.

Divergent collateral of gallbladder meridian of foot-shaoyang:
Divergent collateral of gallbladder meridian diverges from gallbladder meridian which is at hip joint of lateral side of thigh and ascends obliquely along gallbladder meridian to groin and pubic hairs; its branch connects with liver meridian of jueyin and forms the second intercommunication gangway of qi of meridians in internal and external relation. Its main stem runs obliquely along meridian to the 12th rib (Jingmen acupoint) of hypochondrium then ascends along hypochondrium to the 8th rib, penetrates into abdomen (position of penetrating abdomen is Riyue acupoint) and is distributed in gallbladder and liver, ascending from liver and passing through disphragmatic muscle into heart, it comes out of heart along esophagus to throat then ascends lower mandible and is distributed in cheek. The trunk ascends to lateral angle of eye and enters into eyeball from lateral angle of eye then is distributed in arteries and veins of brain---"eye system", forking from canthus it connects with gallbladder meridian and forms connection in parallel which enforces relationship between gallbladder meridian and liver, heart and eye.

gallbladder meridian of foot shaoyang


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