Illustration of Meridians and Collaterals

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Stomach meridian of foot yangming
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Originating from both sides of nasal bone, stomach meridian of foot-yangming absorbs qi of large intestine meridian of hand-yangming. It goes up both sides of nasal bone to medial side of canthus and connects with bladder meridian of foot-taiyang, forking from here, and it goes into posterior side of eyeball and is distributed over brain. Going down medial side of canthus and forking from lateral side of nasal bone, it is distributed over upper teeth. Going down both sides of angle of mouth and curving Chengjiang acupoint of tip, the meridian on the left intersects that on the right and vice versa, along jowl to Daying acupoint there is a branch crosses corner of jowl, going up preauricula and connecting with forehead along hair line. The trunk goes along throat trachea down to supraclavicular fossa and is divided into two branches at supraclavicular fossa, the medial branch goes into chest and down to disphragmatic muscle and is distributed over stomach and spleen, going Cardia of stomach down to abdomen and coming out of groin.

The lateral branch is divided from supraclavicular fossa, going down medial side of papillae along rectus abdominis to groin and connecting with lower branch of abdomen, Going groin down rectus femoris, patella, anterior to anklebone where is lateral side of tibia and dorsum of foot , it reaches lateral side of the second toe. Another branch of meridian forking from 3 cun below knee walks along lateral side of main meridian and goes down lateral side of midtoe. There is another branch on dorsum of foot which Run obliquely from medial side of Big toe and is associated with spleen meridian of foot-taiyin. There is great collateral forking from stomach distributed lung upwards disphragmatic muscle.

Collateral of stomach meridian of foot-yangming:
Originating from 8 cun above lateral malleolus -the Fenglong acupoint of stomach meridian and forking two branches here. The first branch crosses tibia and is associated with spleen meridian of foot-taiyin of medial aspect of meridians in internal and external relation, composing the gangway for the interflowing of qi of meridians in internal and external relation. The second branch goes along stomach meridian up abdomen and chest to neck and is distributed over throat and calvaria upwards.

Divergent collateral of stomach meridian of foot-yangming:
Forking from stomach meridian at 1/3 anterior aspect of thigh, Divergent collateral  of stomach meridian walks along stomach meridian into abdomen and is distributed over stomach and spleen, going upward and coming through disphragmatic muscle ,it is distributed over heart. Going upward from heart along esophagus and throat, coming out of angle of mouth and going up fossa orbitalis into eyeball, it is associated with stomach meridian, composing connection in parallel of stomach meridian and enforcing the relationship between stomach meridian and spleen, stomach, heart, brain and eye.

stomach meridian of foot yangming


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