Illustration of Meridians and Collaterals

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The kidney meridian of foot shaoyin
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Starting from the inferior aspect of little toe, it absorbs qi of bladder meridian of foot-taiyang. Running obliquely from little toe to sole center at thenar then to medial side, passing spur, heel and coffin joint to posterior medial malleolus, it diverges a small branch and is distributed in medial aspect of heel. Its trunk runs upward medial aspect of medial malleolus along medial aspect of gastrocnemius to medial aspect of popliteal fossa, from here it ascends between semitendinosus and gracilis of medial aspect of thigh to pubis and penetrates into abdomen behind pubis then left side crosses right, ascending to the second lumbar vertebrae branch, it is distributed in kidney and bladder. Its trunk keeps running upward and passes through liver and disphragmatic muscle, is distributed in lung. Its trunk which ascends along trachea and throat is distributed in tongue and connects with epiglottis vessel which is distributed in throat. Forking from here, it is distributed in ear along auditory tube. It diverges from hilum of lung and is distributed in heart and chest, which links with pericardium meridian and connects with qi of pericardium meridian.

Besides, a branch out of abdomen diverges from pubis and ascends to hypogastrium, it floats along thoroughfare vessel to surface of abdomen, ascends upward and is distributed in 0.5 cun of lateral side of medioventral line, and it is distributed between middle line of chest and papillae and goes to Shufu acupoint below collarbone and connects with trunk in abdomen, this connection is surface part of meridian and acupoint and meridian.

the kidney meridian of foot shaoyin


Another branch diverges from posterior ankle then connects with spleen meridian of foot-taiyin so that exchanges qi of two meridians.

There is no record where does meridian shaoyin ascend? There is record "kidney transfuses fifty seven acupoints" in TaiSu, QiXue ,but no discussion of specific acupoint. Records in A-B Classic of Acupuncture and Moxibustion is systematic, six acupoints which are from Shufu to Bulang in chest are started from kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin, 11 acupoints which are from Youmen to Henggu (KI 11) in abdomen are confluences of thoroughfare vessel and foot-shaoyin, that means these 11 acupoints are not only acupoints of thoroughfare vessel but also acupoints of kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin. Qi of two meridians are connection in this line, they are two meridian lines that apposes tightly.

Collateral of kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin:
Starting from Dazhong (KI 4) acupoint of kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin at of heel at posterior lower border of medial malleolus and forking two branches from here, the first branch passes through tendo calcaneus and connects with its meridians in internal and external relation- bladder meridian of foot-taiyang, forming intercommunication gangway of meridians in internal and external relation. The second branch ascends along kidney meridian to abdomen and is distributed in lumbar vertebrae parts below pericardium, becoming the main gangway between kidney and lumbar vertebrae.

Divergent collateral of kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin:
Starting from kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin at medial aspect of ham and forking two branches. One branch goes transversely and links with bladder meridian of foot-taiyang, communicating qi of two meridians. Another branch ascends along kidney to abdomen; its embranchment is distributed in kidney and is divided at the second lumbar vertebrae, it comes out and links up with belt vessel, its trunk keeps ascending along vertebrae, passes disphragmatic muscle along trachea an is distributed in root of tongue, then forking from here, running afterward and coming through muscle of neck, it links up with bladder meridian of foot-taiyang posterior to neck again and forms the first combination in "six combinations".

Note: divergent collateral of kidney meridian of foot-shaoyin links up with meridians in internal and external relation at two positions and forms connection in parallel of meridians in internal and external relation.

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