Soft tissus injuries treated with Acupuncture Prescriptions
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Acupuncture Extra Point Xiyan (EX-LE5)
Flex the knee joints; on the lower border of patella, in the depression at the medial and lateral side of patellar ligament.

Improving the leg and knee movement.

Regional Anatomy:
The medial point of Xiyan (EX-LE 5) is also called NeixiyanEXLE4(EX-LE4). For its layer anatomy, refer to NeixiyanEXLE4(EX-LE4).The lateral point of Xiuan (EX-LE 5) is exactly the DubiST35 (Dubi (ST35)) of the Stomach Meridian of Foor-Yangming.For its layer anatomy, refer to DubiST35 (ST35).

Rheumatic Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and paraparesis.

Combined use with LiangqiuST34 (Liangqiu (ST 34)), YanglingquanGB34 (Acupuncture Single Point Yanglingquan (GB34) He-Sea Point, Influential Point of Tendon) for treatment of gonitis; and with WeizhongBL40 (Weizhong (BL 40) He-Sea Point, Lower Confluent Point), YaotongdianEXUE7 (EX-UE7) for treatment of soft tissus injuries of the knee.

Insert the needle perpendicularly to 0.5-1 cun deep, or puncture through XiyanEXLE5 (EX-LE5); needling response: local soreness and distension, radiating toward the knee. Moxibustion is contraindicated.

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