Circulation System Diseases

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Acupressure is used for Patients with hypertension
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Symptoms of Liver Yang Excess
You may have dizziness and or vertigo, distended headache, irritability, bitter taste in the mouth, red eyes, insomnia, and constipation.
Tongue:  Red with thin yellow coat
Pulse is wiry, rapid, or possibly slippery.
Treatment Points Liver yang excess

LV 2 - LV fire, could use LV 3 if fewer heat signs
GB 20 - descend Qi, clear head
GV 20 - descend Qi
GB 34 - LV/GB fire
SP 6 - tonify Yin
Symptoms of Phlegm-damp excess
Dizziness and/or vertigo, head heaviness, appetite loss, nausea, chest oppression, heavy limbs, and obesity.
Tongue:  Swollen with greasy white coat
Pulse: Slippery, wiry
Treatment Points phlegm-damp excess

GB 20 - descend Qi, clear head
ST 40 - resolve phlegm
SP 9 - resolve phlegm
CV 12 - ST Mu
PC 6 – nausea
Symptoms of Liver excess with Kidney deficiency
Dizziness and or vertigo, headache, tinnitus, sore back and/or knees, heat in the five palms, palpitations, insomnia, dry stools.
Tongue:  Red with thin white coat
Pulse: Fine, wiry
Treatment Points liver excess with kidney deficiency

KD 3 - tonify Yin
LV 3 - harmonize LV
SP 6 - tonify Yin
HT 7 - calm the mind
ST 36 - tonify qi
UB 18 - LV Shu
UB 23 - KD Shu
Symptoms of Yin & Yang deficiency
Dizziness and/or vertigo, blurred vision, head heaviness, weak legs, shortening of breath, palm’s heat, sore back and/or knees, palpitations, and tinnitus. If yang predominance - aversion to cold, profuse nighttime urination, impotence and nocturnal emissions.
Tongue:  Light red (more yang def) or Red striped (more yin def)
Pulse: Fine, deep (more yang def) or Fine, wiry (more yin def)
Treatment point’s yin yang deficiency

ST 36 - tonify Qi  
CV 4 - tonify Qi & Yin  
GV 20 - clear head  
UB 20 - SP Shu  
UB 23 - KD Shu  
Yin Deficiency Predominates

KD 3 - tonify Yin
SP 6 - tonify Yin
HT 7 - tonify Yin, calm spirit

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