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    Different from western medicine, Chinese medicine not only can cure fibroid, but also can effectively treat and prevent the complications of fibroid. This is the top value and benefits of Chinese medicine for fibroid. If you'd seek help from us, please fill out the health form as requested.

    The presence of fibroid in uterus is taken as a warning sign by most gynecologists. Basically, a fibroid is a non cancerous tumor that originates in the tissue of the uterus. Even though it is not cancerous and does not pose any major symptoms in most cases, its presence is considered to be dangerous and alarming as it can be a precursor to major problems. The uterine fibroid tumors are generally found in the middle and final reproductive years and in the rare cases, the fibroids can turn out to be malignant. Symptoms and signs of fibroid in TCM include as follows:

    1. Syndrome of qi stagnation and blood stasis
    Main symptoms: Mass in uterus, irregular profuse or scanty menstruation with dark color and clot, distending pain or stabbing pain in the lower abdomen, alleviation of pain after removal of the clot, discomfort in hytpochondria, mental depression, blackish tongue, thin and moist tongue fur, deep and taut pulse.

    2. Syndrome of qi asthenia and blood stasis     
    Main symptoms: Mass in uterus, early profuse menstruation with light color, thin texture and large blood clot, prolapsing pain in the lower abdomen, profuse leukorrhea with white color and thin texture, weakness of limbs, lack of strength, no desire to speak, light-colored tongue with thin and white fur, weak, thin and unsmooth pulse.

    3. Syndrome of mixture of phlegm and stasis     
    Main symptoms: Uterine mass, occasional pain, or profuse menorrhea with dull color, thick texture and clot,profuse leukorrhea with white color and sticky texture,stiffness and oppression in chest and hypochondria, obesity, purplish tongue with white and greasy fur, thin and soft or deep and slippery pulse.

    4. Syndrome of cold coagulation and blood stasis   
    Main symptoms: Uterine mass, delayed menstruation, profuse menorrhea with blackish color and blood clot, cold pain in the lower abdomen, spasm, alleviation after removal of the clot, profuse leukorrhea with white color and thin texture, cold limbs, light-purplish tongue with thin and white fur, deep and tense pulse.

    5. Syndrome of yin asthenia and liver hyperactivity  
    Main symptoms: Uterine mass, delayed and scanty menstruation, or early profuse menstruation with red color, scanty leukorrhea, or dry sensation in the vagina, dry mouth and irritating sensation in the eyes, feverish sensation in the palms, soles and chest, flushed cheeks, vertigo, purplish red tongue with thin and yellow fur, thin and taut pulse

    Main symptoms of fibroid
    Uterus bleeding
    Abdominal mass
    Hypogastrium pressure
    Enlarged uterine cavity
    Pfofuse period

    Main complications of fibroid
    Adhesion or inflammation
    Myoma free
    Secondary anemia
    Malignant lesions
    Adjuvant Treatment

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