Sweating Syndrome
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Chinese Medicine Treatment for Sweating Syndrome

Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment
1. Weakness of the Lung and Weiqi
Chief Manifestations: Sweating which is exacerbated by slight exertion, aversion to wind, susceptibility to common colds, lassitude, lusterless complexion, thready and weak pulse, and thin and white tongue coating.
Therapeutic Methods: To replenish qi and consolidate body surface.

2. Disharmony between Ying Oi and Wei Qi
Chief Manifestations: Sweating with aversion to wind, general aching, intermittent chills and fever, or half-body or localized sweating, thin and white tongue coating, and even-soft pulse.
Therapeutic Methods: To regulate ying-qi and wei qi.

3. Insufficiency of Heart Blood 
Chief Manifestations: Spontaneous sweating or night sweating, palpitation, insomnia, lassitude, short breath, lusterless complexion, pale tongue, and thready pulse.
Therapeutic Methods: To tonify blood and nourish the heart.

4. Deficiency of Yin and Hyperactivity of Fire   
Chief Manifestations: Night sweating, or spontaneous sweating, feverish sensation in the palms, soles and chest, or accompanied by afternoon fever, flushed
cheeks, thirst, red tongue with little coating, and thready, rapid pulse.
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish yin and subdue fire.

5. Accumulation of Pathogenic Heat 
Chief Manifestations: Continuous sweating with yellow-stained sweat, flushed face with a hot sensation, restlessness, bitter mouth, yellow urine, thin and yellow tongue coating, wiry and rapid pulse.   
Therapeutic Methods: To clear away heat in the liver and dissipate dampness to regulate ying qi.

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