Large Intestinal Cancer
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Large Intestinal Cancer in TCM
When using Chinese herbal medicine, our TCM experts will customize the herbal prescription to meet the specific needs of your condition. A variety of single herbs are commonly added or subtracted to maximize the clinical effectiveness of the treatment. 3019 cases of Large Intestinal Cancer have been treated by our Chinese medicine for the past years. Over 85% of the patients have satisfactory results. Different from western medicine, TCM aims to strengthen the resistance to virus and germs, increase people's life quality and delay people's life.
TCM Treatment for large intestinal cancer

Large intestinal carcinoma, one of the commonly encountered malignant tumors, refers to carcinoma of colon and rectum. It is also called anal carcinoma when the lesion is at the anus. The incidence and mortality rank the 4th- 6th in the malignant tumors. There are more male patients than female patients with a ratio of 1.1 - 3.4: 1. It mainly affects the patients aged 30 - 50, mostly around 45, but it is also common in patients younger than 30.The cancer is most commonly found in rectum and sigmoid colon which occupies a percentage of 77.8 %, followed by the tumors in the cecum and ascending colon and less common in hepatic flexure and splenic flexure of the descending colon.

The growth of the large intestinal carcinoma is slow and the metastasis of the cancer occurs late. Most of the metastasis occurs at the anal canal, rectum and the junction of rectum and sigmoid colon. At present, it is still difficult to make an early diagnosis of the disease. The post-operative survival rate of 5 years is rather low. The pathogenesis of this disease is complicated. It is believed to be related to the chronic inflammation, polyp and adenoma of the large intestine, diet and environmental factors.

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Special Hints for Your Diet in TCM
Traditional Chinese medicine is a fantastic art of healing. TCM doctors use not only herbal medicines for treating diseases, but also they pay close attention to the patient's diet. In TCM, it's required that a patient should have a proper diet during the whole course of treatment. A perfect TCM prescription together with a proper diet can make you recover from the disease as soon as possible. Following is our suggestions on your diet.
Foods fit to eat
1. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat foods of variety.
2. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat foods with high starch and cellulose.
3. It's suggested that the sufferers should eat light foods.
Foods that are useful for you: strawberry, banana, fig.
Foods unfit to eat
1. It's suggested that the sufferers should avoid foods with high cholesterol.
2. It's recommended that the sufferers should avoid raw and cold foods.
3. It's recommended that the sufferers should avoid irritant foods and cigarettes and wine.
Foods that might do harm to you: beef, pepper, mutton.
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