Chronic Nephritis
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Causes of Chronic Nephritis in TCM
According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are some patterns of syndrome that lead to chronic nephritis.
1. Invasion by Wind and Overflow of Water 
2. Accumulation of Damp Heat
3. Retention of Water and Dampness 
4. Spleen Deficiency and Dampness Retention
5. Deficiency of Spleen Yang and Kidney Yang
6. Deficiency of Kidney Yin
7. Obstruction of Blood Stasis

Integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine would be a good choice for this disease. When treating chronic nephritis, Chinese doctors will take everything into consideration, including the following conditons.
1. Nephropathy
2. Gout
3. Certain poisons
4. Certain medications
5. Kidney conditions
6. Glomerulonephritis
7. Autoimmune nephritis
8. Lupus nephritis
9. Chemical poisoning
10. Urethral stricture
11. Renal tuberculosis
12. Post streptococcal glomerulonephritis
13. Yellow fever - kidney inflammation
15. Immune Complex Diseases

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