Chinese Herbal Treatment for Tinnitus and Hearing

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Hearing and eyesight are two amazing gifts from nature. They allow us to perceive the world, amazingly so, and in innumerable ways. But while all of us acknowledge their importance, most of us leave the care of our ears and hearing in the back seat. A prime cause maybe the modern lifestyle that so engrosses our sense of hearing that we unconsciously start shutting out the noise pollution around us. As a result, we often miss on internally caring for the delicate organ. Our hearing is directly affected by the quality of blood, its flow, and the elasticity of the blood vessels in the ear canal. Unless proper nutrients are readily transported to the region, premature aging may occur - spurred on by the continuous onslaught of excessive noise in the environment around us. See Chinese medicine for Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease.

Chinese herbalism has dedicated centuries to discovering and characterizing innumerable herbs and developed a plethora of natural herbal formulas which support the health of the human ear. The tradition is built on the underlying philosophy that all bodily functions can be brought to their optimal performance, and even limit aging, if all internal bodily functions can be brought to harmony. Hence, all herbal formulas do not solely target the ear, but its supporting organs as well to achieve a balance of Qi-energy, and harmonize yin and yang.

One such Chinese herb is Ginkgo biloba. It is known to enhance blood circulation, and hence deliver the required nutrients and oxygen to the ear canal. Proper blood flow is crucial for dispensing fluid-buildup in the ear drum, and keeping the ear drum functioning optimally. If you are looking to support your ear's health by extending its maintenance beyond normal ear wax removal, add natural nutrients to your diet plan, along with Chinese herbal formulas which have proven themselves for over 5000 years.

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