Common alternative treatments used to remedy acid reflux naturally

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In the treatment of acid reflux and Laryngopharyngeal reflux, there are a variety of natural healing approaches to choose from. For most people suffering from frequent GERD (gastroesophageal reflux) disease or acid reflux, non-drug and natural remedies are usually the desired mode of treatment not only for addressing their symptoms, but also to prevent them from recurring.

Listed below are some commonly used natural remedies for acid reflux. However, because every condition is different per individual, bear in mind that not all natural therapies work will the same for everyone who has a reflux problem. So what may work for one person, may not always work for another.

Lower stress levels – This can result in behavior that promotes acid reflux.

Wear loose clothing – Avoid tight pants, belts, corsets, etc.

Avoid smoky environments and quit smoking – Avoid areas where smoking is allowed

Lose extra pounds – If you are obese or overweight

Avoid eating two to three hours before you go to sleep – When sleeping, your shoulders and head should be elevated about three to six inches high than the rest of your body.

Eat smaller portions meals more frequently and do not gulp your food – Chewing your food thoroughly can help improve your digestive process.

Refrain from drinking and eating beverages and foods that activate reflux – This includes alcohol, caffeinated beverages, tomato and citrus products, and fatty and spicy foods.

Drink lots of water – You may not be aware but water is actually one of the easiest and most natural ways to prevent and treat acid reflux. To flush out residue acid of the esophagus and boost digestion, we recommend drinking eight, 8 oz. glasses of water everyday.

Lifestyle modifications – A positive change in lifestyle is usually the first step in the natural treatment of acid reflux. This approach is meant to prevent a sufferer of acid reflux sufferer from exposing their body to the numerous elements that can set of symptoms by weakening the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Lifestyle changes usually vary and are based on the person. It however usually involves eating and taking:

Herbal and food remedies – There are many different herbs, fruits, and other foods that are recommended for soothing and preventing heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms including:

Ripe papaya fruit
Apple cider vinegar
Active Manuka honey
Lemon balm
Slippery Elm
 Dandelion root

Alternative treatment – Common alternative treatments used to remedy acid reflux naturally include:

Natural foods – These are usually eaten raw before, during or after every meal. Herbs are traditionally taken as tea, capsules or eaten in their natural form prior to, during, or post meals.

Homeopathy – This alternative therapy is derived from the Law of Similars. It entails the preparation of natural substances in a specific way. The substances are used in small doses to help restore the health of a sick person, that otherwise would cause sickness to a healthy individual.

Acupuncture – A form of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment involving the sticking of very fine needles into preselected points into the skin to stimulate the self healing processes of the body in order to heal, relieve pain, and treat symptoms.

Acupressure – A TCM treatment similar to acupuncture except that instead of needles, the knuckles, thumbs, or fingers are used in order to stimulate healing by bearing pressure on specific acupoints.

Remember to follow all recommended doses and directions carefully and to learn whether there are any drug interactions or side effects you should be aware of regardless of what natural remedy you select in the treatment of acid reflux.

While non-drug natural treatments may be truly beneficial in addressing your acid GERD/acid reflux problems, you need to understand that not every natural method will work for every acid reflux sufferer. This is because not every person suffering from acid reflux has the same digestive problem. For example, although digestive catalysts such as ripe papaya can help resolve symptoms of acid reflux caused by too little production of acid; it can worsen symptoms in a person who manufactures too much acid.

Natural therapy may be inadequate for individuals susceptible to GERD/acid reflux due to delayed stomach emptying (gastroparesis), Barrett’s esophagus, hiatal hernia, or peptic ulcer, or another condition, such as asthma or diabetes. Their treatment should be supplemented with other modes of treatment like drugs or even surgery.

Don’t be discouraged knowing what natural treatments will work for you will depend on the process of elimination. In addition, knowing what specific root cause triggers your reflux symptoms will make it easier to determine the best remedies for naturally treating your acid reflux. Therefore, let a health care professional diagnose your condition properly and consult with your doctor for the proper kind of treatment you need.

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