Moxibustion and acupuncture help correct breech baby positions

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A proper birth means the baby is born with first the head coming out. Breech baby is a condition in which the baby is positioned in the womb of the mother feet or bottom down instead of head down. About three to four percent of babies are in breech near the final phase of their mother’s pregnancy at about 37 weeks. Lot of breech babies turn around prior to or even during labor on their own. However, some breech babies need help in the turning process.
For hundreds of years, moxibustion has been documented and used by the Chinese although there are several various natural ways to turn a breech baby. Moxibustion is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that involves burning a moxa stick near an acupoint called Bl 67 found on the foot’s small toe. The following are some of the cases of breech babies treated with moxibustion and acupuncture.
Case 1
On a routine pregnancy examination of the 36th week of pregnancy, baby engaged and head down. Mother felt the strong movement of the baby four days later. Baby was found to be in breech upon check up on the 37th week. Mother became worried and anxious.
During this period, lots of baby movement was felt. But baby is unable to turn. During caesarean, the right ovary of the mother was found to have a grape fruit-sized pre-cancerous tumor which did not appear on any of the previous ultrasounds because of its position. The required medical intervention therefore was immediately performed. It appeared that the baby saved its mother’s life by "declining to turn".
Treatment: Acupuncture relaxation therapy and moxibustion. Problem heating up both sides of Shi Yin acupoint; the session lasted over 40 minutes, taught for use at home, "Pelvic tilt position".
Case 2
Baby was found to be in breech at 37th week of gestation.
Mother planned to have her birth done at home. She was very anxious since the breech baby implied that the baby would need to be born in the hospital and the physicians were now preparing for a caesarean delivery.
Mother had been doing self-therapies at home for the past five days two times a day and underwent two moxibustion treatments. She did one of the daily self-treatments by herself because her husband was only able to do the night treatment. Two days before consultation with the acupuncturist, the baby managed to turn but after less than a day reverted back to breech.
The mother complained of some pains around ribs under her breasts at the time of consultation. She also complained about discomfort when sleeping due to poor posture related to pregnancy.
Treatment: Moxibustion applied on both sides of Shi Yin acupoint, acupuncture relaxation therapy. Decreased home self-treatment to once per day and only to be performed by her husband, after moxibustion she performed "pelvic tilt position" taught by her acupuncturist. After treatment at the clinic, the baby turned and stayed in the right position. Mother was happy and relaxed. The mother had a natural birth at home and the baby was well.
Case 3
At the last week of gestation baby was found to be in breech. The baby turned prior to labor with a treatment in the clinic. The mother gave a natural birth to her baby and both are well.
Case 4
Baby was found to be in breech during consultation exactly a week before due date. Ultrasound was scheduled before day of delivery to determine if a caesarean is required.
Examination of the mother indicated to use of moxibustion treatment.
Treatment: five to ten minute of moxibustion on both sides of Shi Yin acupoint. The Fremont acupuncturist taught the mother moxibustion self therapy which she did everyday at home. She was also taught "Pelvic tilt position" which she performed everyday at home after moxibustion. Three days later, the baby turned. He was ten days past his due date but nevertheless, was born naturally. Both baby and mother were well.

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