Try to relieve your Anxiety with Chinese medicine

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TCM, or traditional chineese medicine, has existed for thousands of years and within the last few decades has slowly gained acceptance in the United States. Major drug companies have spent billions researching many "new" organic compounds that the chineese have known about for centuries. The following are two herbs that I have found to have authentic theraputic bennifits. They may be consumed alone or steeped into a tea like beverage; also, they may be used individually or in combination.

try to relieve your anxiety with chinese medicine

Things You'll Need:
Humulus Lupulus (Hops)
Verbena Officinalis(Vervain)
Hot Water

Step 1
Make sure that both of the herbs are completely dry -if they aren't, the tea that they produce will not be potent enough. Also, dice them up into small pieces that will fit into the tea ball.

Step 2
Pack the tea ball completely full with a mixture that is two part valerian root and one part vervain. Boil three pint of water add the tea ball and remove from heat. Cover the pot or teapot and allow the tea to steep for at least twenty minutes and up to one hour. Click to read Tinnitus in TCM.

Step 3
After the tea is properly steeped one small cup at breakfast or lunch, and a larger cup (the rest of the preparation) at bedtime. If you experience any stomach discomfort try adjusting the amount of tea that you imbibe to four small cups per day, before each meal and once at bed time.

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