Chinese herbs greatly relieved my excessive and terrible sweating
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Since january last year, ive been feeling ill. i became constipated developed severe pain in my back, arms, hands, legs, ribs and loss of feeling which comes so frequently. my eyes r always red and blurry and ive become so forgetful. i sweat so much in the day and in the night. it becomes so bad that my whole body and bed become drenched.  and i have to lie down on the floor, i cnt sleep to around 4am and if i manage to i always have a nightmare and wake up around 9am with severe pain. im always so tired in tears miserable. i feel as if this invisible illness is sapping my life away. my doctor says that im going psycho. But i say no. 

I started TCM treatment at TCM WINDOW. I was no stranger to 'alternative' medicine, but had never tried this before. I consulted Dr. Lee and asked for causes about my symptoms. Later I was diagnosed and was given herbal medicines for treatment. In only one month I realized that I was feeling pretty great! I guess when you got some chronically condition you get used to it, and don't really see how bad it is until it kind of lifts off. Anyway, I was very happy! My body feels very stable now, and hopefully with continuous treatment. 
One of our clients from Durham, England
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