TCM Window is a medical organization providing consultation and medical service for people throughout the world. For the past years many patients have come through our TCM platform and have been helped by the use of the traditional Chinese medicine. They are deeply impressed by our profession, knowledges, and humanistic spirits. Followings are some experiences of our patient's who have seen good results from TCM treatments created by doctors at TCM WINDOW. 

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With Dr. Wang's help I can control my symptoms with his herbs
Before 1997, I didn't experience any heart problems unless I was walking up a steep hill, or doing something else strenuous. Since then, when I go for my mile walk, I feel an uncomfortable pressure in the area of my heart and I begin to burp, which helps relieve the pressure. When I slow down or stop walking, the pressure will go away until I start walking again. 
I did not want to take stronger medication. So Dr. Wang at TCM WINDOW prepared an herb formula for me and I am able to walk my usual mile without any problems. The herbs also help to control and stabilize my high blood pressure. I feel my heart blockage is mostly gone or very slight. He has helped me to understand my condition so that with his help I can control my symptoms with his herbs. 
One of our clients from Reunion Island
I had not experienced any of the PMS cramping I always experienced before
Since I have started my menstruation at age 14, I have always had cramping. The cramping has become increasingly worse as I get older, and vary in the levels of pain - from medium to severe. The one thing I could rely on in life was that I was going to have cramping during my period. In the past, my remedy has included Ibuprofen, heating pad and sometimes bed rest. I got helps from Dr. Lee for anovulation and miscarriage treatment. As the end of my first menstrual cycle drew near, I realized that I had not experienced any of the PMS cramping I always experience. The real testimony was during my menstrual cycle; I also did not experience any cramping at all. I did not take one Ibuprofen and did not use one heating pad. I am a believer in this treatment. Thank you Dr. Lee! 
One of our clients from Trinidad and Tobago
TCM herbs used both internally and externally for ankle would
The problem started in June when a wound on my ankle would not heal. It had started from either a scratch or a bite. By the end of June my local surgery had diagnosed that I had MRSA in the wound. The problem was further complicated by the fact that I had previously had 3 operations for varicose veins; leaving the circulation of blood in that leg somewhat impaired. The G.P. prescribed 3 separate courses of antibiotics, none of which aided the healing process. I was beginning to feel affected by the constant pain and intense drawing feeling in my ankle. I was also visiting the surgery several times a week for fresh dressings to help heal the wound. 

In August I contacted Dr. Liu for his advice. He prescribed me Chinese herbal medicine to use both internally and externally. He advised to leave the wound open to the air as much as possible and to dress with the powder and honey mixture. I took the herbs over a period of four months and used the external dressing for 6 weeks.  After a month I felt far less pain and the wound was beginning to heal. By December the wound was completely healed and the pain subsided. I am now waiting to be re-tested for the MRSA. I finished taking my herbs about 4 weeks ago. I went to my medical centre two weeks ago to be tested for MRSA. I am delighted to say that I am clear!! Thank you so much for all your care. You can now draw a line under my case. 
One of our clients from Winchester, England
I have great faith in Dr. Wang and hopefully he will cure me totally
In the last 10 years I have developed a sun allergy, at the beginning the reaction only happened on holidays in hot countries or in high altitude, but in the last 2 to 3 years it also occurred in this country. The exposed skin became blotchy, very red and swollen, then tiny blisters appeared and a weepy eczema covered the face but also arms, neck, throat and chest. Hydrocortison creams were prescribed from my GP but often I had to steroids orally (pednisolone). Once I had such a bad reaction I was given steroids intravenously. I love outdoor life and could only go out fully covered with scarf and a large hat and always wearing long sleeves even in the warmest weather. 

I welcomed the offer of my GP who suggested a course of UVB phototherapy but just after a few treatments I had to take corticosteroids because I had the same sun allergy symptoms as before. I saw Dr. Wang in March 2008 and received treatment until September, taking Chinese herb extracts and applying a cream to sore areas. Meanwhile I am using the pink cream as normal face cream and it is better than any cream I ever had. I had a good summer without steroid tablets and only used hydrocortison cream once or twice for my face. I have great faith in Dr. Wang and hopefully he will cure me totally when I go back next spring.
One of our clients from Belgium
Herbs had an incredible balancing and energising effect on me
I started TCM treatment with Dr. Lee in spring 2006. I was 40 years and wished to conceive a baby. We'd been trying for 10 years before then. I had abnormally high FSH levels and was told by an IVF/fertility doctor it was unlikely I would conceive naturally. We could not afford IVF; and, besides, I believe in more natural, holistic treatments. I had acupuncture for 5 months, then added on specific Chinese herbs to increase my chances of my womb holding a baby. Dr. Lee recommended herbs which had an incredible balancing and energising effect on me - like a tonic! In December 2006, 2 months after starting the herbs, I conceived. I had a healthy and successful pregnancy and our beautiful daughter.
One of our clients from Kenya
I was so very excited when I fell pregnant!
I was referred to TCM WINDOW on the recommendation of my GP. I had been trying to get pregnant for just over 2 years. I'd had all the standard hormonal blood tests done and and even had my ovaries checked - but everything was normal. My GP suggested I get some Chinese formula as she had seen great results. I consulted Dr. Liu and was really impressed with her extensive experience in fertility treatment. I was advised to receive herbal treatment for about 3 and a half months for pregnancy herbs before I got pregnant. In this time I felt great - I'd had years of problematic skin and digestive problems which Dr. Liu cleared up with treatment. It was as if my body needed to get back into balance before it could conceive. 
I was so very excited when I fell pregnant! I think I took 6 pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe it! I then continued to Dr. Liu throughout my pregnancy for herbs for my morning sickness and just generally to help support the pregnancy. I ended up having a wonderful pregnancy without a lot of the horrible symptoms like constipation and water retention and I really feel the herbs had a lot to do with it. I now have a beautiful baby girl. She's happy and healthy and an absolute miracle! 
One of our clients from Malaysia
Expert's experience and knowledge has provided remedy for different ailments
For years my family and I have relied upon the acupuncture, herbal medicines, and health counseling services of Dr. Liu. His experience and knowledge has provided remedy for ailments such as cold and flu, bacterial infections, irritable bowel disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety related symptoms, allergies, and various other issues. We consider him an expert in his field of practice with unique abilities and insights, which have benefited us greatly both in regaining, lost health and maintaining quality healthy living throughout the years. 
One of our clients from Dortmund, Germany
My liver function gets normal with the help of TCM
I had been to 3 different hepatologists, had MRIs, CT scans and a liver biopsy. I was diagnosed with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and had a mass in the lower left lobe of my liver the size of a golf ball. My blood tests showed an extremely elevated liver function, I was tired all the time, very depressed, I had intermittent diarrhea and just did not feel well. A friend referred me to Dr. Lee and I decided to try TCM treatment. I felt much better after my first treatment, and progressively began to feel better with each treatment and the herbs that she prepared for me. As I improved, Dr. Lee changed my herb formula, and lengthened the time between my treatments. After one year, my blood tests showed a normal liver function, my cholesterol was down 60 points and the scans showed that the mass had completely disappeared. 
One of our clients from Toronto, Canada
Chinese medicine helped gastritis and acid reflux significantly.
I am 60 years old. I suffer from gastritis and acid reflux for last 8 years. I went t to different doctors and took medication such as Nexiun and Prilosec for many years. It never helped me at all. I still had acid reflux and difficulty sleeping because my chest is so discomforted. I always need to burp to relief the chest pressure. A few years ago I was advised to take herbal medicines by Dr. Lee at TCM WINDOW. After that treatment I did not take anything else for it because I was fine. I am so happy to have met Dr. Lee who gave me such valuable medical help. Many Thanks. 
One of our clients from Auckland, New Zealand
Natural remedy instead of antibiotics
I've been contacting Dr. Zhang since 2003. After visiting several Dr.'s about my tendonitis. I heard from all of them that only surgery would cure me and that I needed to retire from cutting hair at age 24. Luckily, I did not listen. By chance I got to know Dr. Zhang at TCM WINDOW through internet, I didn't think twice about seeking help from her. I had heard many good things about herbs and thought I would give it a try. Now, I consult Dr. Zhang for most every medical need, headaches, colds, sinus infections, etc. I can say over the past 12 years I have sent him close to 100 of my closest friend and co-workers. I am now 50 years old and have not taken an antibiotic in over 10 years, any time I need an herb I give him my symptoms and he mixes up herbs just for my needs. Thank you Dr. Zhang for keeping my family, friends and I healthy.  
One of our clients from Phoenix, Arizona
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