TCM Window is a medical organization providing consultation and medical service for people throughout the world. For the past years many patients have come through our TCM platform and have been helped by the use of the traditional Chinese medicine. They are deeply impressed by our profession, knowledges, and humanistic spirits. Followings are some experiences of our patient's who have seen good results from TCM treatments created by doctors at TCM WINDOW. 

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TCM explanation of my condition was made crystal clear
When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, my local hospital decided to treat me like any other similar patient. I was put on a treatment of steroid  and told to attend a follow up appointment in a months time. The treatment had no effect on my condition and almost seemed to make it worse. The main problem was the feeling of a lack of control, when I felt there was more to this problem and how my body was responding. I was extremely lucky to have had the chance to know Dr. Liu. My diagnoses and an explanation of my condition was made crystal clear. My treatment had instant results and I suddenly felt a sense of control. If and when I have a flare up, I am very aware of how it has happened. This understanding of my own body has come from such insight and knowledge of TCM WINDOW and especially Dr. Liu.
One of our clients from Sydney, Australia
Dr. Liu from TCM WINDOW saved my life
I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for 20 years. It made my life a misery, 24 hours a day. At times I couldn’t leave the house, trying to take a holiday was unbearable; the fear of the airport and the flight was overwhelming and even if I did manage to get away I often spent the whole trip in the hotel room. Conventional medicine has never been any help; the only thing that made any difference was Chinese herbs. So when they started to have less of an effect and the bouts started to worsen I was really at my wit’s end. Luckily got to know Dr. Liu from TCM WINDOW! All my dealings with the centre have been so friendly and professional they really put me at ease. I am so much happier I feel like I have a new lease on life.
One of our clients from Coventry, UK
Successful treatment for Crohn’s disease
I was diagnosed with the Crohn’s disease, which was kept in control with Pentasa. Beginning of 2013, I had an acute relapse and a 10 cm  inflammation  on my colon was discovered through the colonoscopy in April 2013.My doctor wanted to put me on some strong immune supressors but I was against it. While searching for alternative treatments, a friend who was treated by Dr. Fang at TCM WINDOW for another illness recommended him to me. After a few months I started the treatment, I started feeling much healthier, more energetic than I have been for a long time. After 9 months on Dr. Fang’s treatment I had another colonoscopy and the inflammation was completely healed. Thank you Dr. Fang!
One of our clients from Abbeville, France
Only three treatments and all my pain is gone
I am a professional ballet dancer. I was referred to TCM WINDOW by my physical therapist. I got severe injuries to my front, back and ribs when I was on the stage. Only three treatments and all my pain is gone. I cannot believe the result is so fast. 
One of our clients from Malacca City, Malaysia
I was surprised the rapid improvement from TCM treatments
For so many years I have had a lot of pain in my hands and legs, as well as swelling in my hands. I am also very stiff in my back, hands, neck, shoulders, feet, and arms; my biggest concern is my feet and my concentration. My feet are so painful. My concentration is very bad. My hormones are out of balance because I had a hysterectomy about 12 or13 years ago. I do not take any hormones now. I also have problems with my sinuses. I feel tired all the time. After I visited the clinic one week, my condition had significantly improved. My feet are much better, my concentration is very good, and my arms and my fingers are much less painful. 
One of our clients from Bologna, Italy
I went to sleep and slept all through the night
I have had trouble sleeping for several years. I would wake up and stay awake several times a night. Moving to another bed, the sofa, or the recliner did not help. I had a heart surgery, and since recovering I was unable to sleep more than 1 hour at a time. I would try taking naps during the day, but would never be able to sleep more than one to three hours at a time. My left hand and fingers were also left numb and tingly after the surgery. Three weeks after my surgery I asked help from Dr. Liu for a treatment. After only one treatment I went home and took a nap and slept for three hours straight. And then that evening, I went to sleep and slept all through the night. And the numbness and tingling in my hand was about 70% improved. After three treatments the tingling and numbness was completely gone, and I had no problems sleeping. It is a really great pleasure.  
One of our clients from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tradional Chinese medicine gives me back my confidence
When my problem first manifested I immediately thought of using herbal treatments as an alternative for my male dysfunction because did not completely trust the type of medication the regular medical establishment wanted to use. I felt that at my comparatively young age I did not want to rely on medication that I felt would cause my body to become dependent on it. I wanted a natural alternate way of enhancing what I felt was naturally present in my body already, I just needed to increase those chemical/hormone levels already in my body to bring me back to normal function and give me back my confidence, without artificially tricking my body. I thank everyone at TCM WINDOW in helping me reach my desired results and help me find my confidence again.   
One of our clients from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
We returned for further treatment and her hair started growing back again
We were on a family holiday 2 years ago when my wife and I noticed that our daughter was losing a lot of hair; to the point that my wife arranged for a wig fitting while we were away. When we returned to the UK we started making enquiries, seeing doctors and dermatologists, but quickly realised that Western Medicine couldn’t provide any treatment or solution. Although we were offered creams and steroids there was no guarantee and they didn’t give us any confidence. 

We seek help from Dr. Zhang and he started her on a course of herbs. It was a real struggle for her to take them as the taste was so strong but she really persevered and within 3 to 4 months her hair started to grow back. After 6 months it was really growing quickly. After 9 months we stopped the herbs and unfortunately 4 months later she started to relapse, we saw patches starting behind her ears and at the back of her head. We returned for further treatment and her hair started growing back again. We have just finished another round of herbs and her hair is looking so much better, we hope we have left the wig behind.
One of our clients from UK
Now I have almost perfect skin
I've had bad skin since I was 13, but instead of improving when I grew up, it just got worse. I took antibiotics for years, which helped to begin with, but after a while they stopped working. I finally was sent to see the specialist who put me on Dianette. When that didn't work he prescribed Roaccutane. Even though that did help, it made my skin very dry and gave me horrendous nose bleeds and cracked lips. I had to come off it, and when I did my acne got really bad. In total desperation I got helps from Dr. Zhang. I am so happy that I did, because actually I was always sceptical about alternative medicine. It took 7 month of constant treatment, but now I have almost perfect skin. Occasionally I get a spot that reminds me of the bad old days, but most of the time I don't even think about it. Thank you for all your help.
One of our clients from Boston, Massachusetts 
My skin is like it was when I was a teenager
I had beautiful skin as a teenager, and thought that I had got away with it when I saw how much my friends suffered with spots. But when I was 32 it was my turn. I started getting horrible painful spots on my chin and neck. My GP gave me antibiotics, which I took for about a year. They had no effect at all. Then he put me on the pill, which did help a bit, but I still kept getting spots. After a few years of this I just got more and more depressed until a friend told me about Dr. Zhang. 

I began to talk with him through internet. I felt confident in his treatment right from the beginning. I had to drink this horrible liqued every day, and put a smelly brown paste on my face every evening. To my utter delight, gradually but surley my skin improved and improved and improved. Now about 6 months after I stared the treatment, I can honestly say that my skin is like it was when I was a teenager (apart from the wrinkles that is). I can't thank Dr. Zhang enough, he is amazing.
One of our clients from Los Angeles, California
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