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Definition of acute nephritis in TCM

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definition of acute nephritis in tcmTCM holds that this disease falls into the category of "shui zhong .yang shui" (edema), "niao xue" (hematuria), "guan ge" (obstruction and rejection), "xu lao"(consumptive disease), etc. Its causes related to the wind, cold, dampness, heat and toxin. Generally speaking, the acute nephritis is a glomerulus disease with various degrees of pathogenesis and the clinical manifestations are acute attack, hematuria, proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure and the decreased filtration rate of the glomerulus; thus it is also called the acute nephritis syndrome; clinically, most of this disease belongs to the glomerulus nephritis after the infection of the acute streptococcus; it is the common kidney disease during the childhood  among the children at the age from 3-8; it is rare among the children below 2 years old; and it with a ratio of 2 man to 1 woman. Continue to read Chronic Nephritis in TCM.
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