Acute Nephritis TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for acute nephritis

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1) Carp and Red Phaseolus Bean Soup
Ingredients: A carp (about 100g), red phaseolus bean 50g.
Cook the red phaseolus bean in moderate water until it is done; add the carp and go on cooking for a while; drink the soup and eat the crap; it is applicable to the acute nephritis with scanty urine and edema.

2) Take 60g of the Job’s-tear seed and 500f of the Chinese cabbage; cook the Job’s-tear seed for the gruel and then add the chopped Chinese cabbage; boil them for 2-3 times and take it without salt or little salt; take it twice a day; it is applicable to the acute nephritis with scanty urine. Continue to read Chronic Nephritis in TCM.

3) Sesame and Walnut Powder
Take 50g of sesame and 50g of walnut and grind them into the fine powder; take it 3 times a day and each time for 20g with the warm water; after that chew the Chinese date; all the medicine are finished for a course of treatment.

4) Gruel of Waxgourd and Red Phaseolus Bean
Take 450g of the waxgourd and 30g of the red phaseolus bean and cook them in moderate water for the gruel; season with a little sugar; take the gruel and eat the waxgourd; it is applicable to the acute nephritis with long-term period of edema and the edema is reduced. 

5) Salvia plebeia Juice
Take 50g of the salvia plebeia and 500ml of water; chop the salvia plebeia into pieces and decoct in water for the juice; take it with 10ml of the whitish honey three times a day; it is applicable to the acute nephritis with fever.

6) Snakeheaded Fish Soup
Take a Snakeheaded fish (about 500g), 60g of the Job’s-tear seed and a spoon of the yellow wine; cook them with the low fire until the soup is done; take it in two times on the same day, It is applicable to the regulation of the patients with acute nephritis after the reduced of the edema. Click to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Nephritis.

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