Acute Nephritis TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for acute nephritis

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1) People can take moderate exercises when the condition is improved; at the beginning, people can take waking with a short time, practice the gymnastic with taking breath and extending limbs; the amount of exercise is according to the feelings after the exercise and the fatigue will disappear in several hours; if the amount of the protein and the red blood cell hasn’t increased obviously or is the same as before which shows that the exercise is with goof effect and people can go on taking the exercise; otherwise, the amount of the exercise should be reduced appropriately.

2) People can take Taiji, jogging and walking with a longtime when the condition is improved; besides, people can play Ping pang and badminton; moderate exercise is good for increasing the resistance and the healing of the disease. Continue to read Chronic Nephritis in TCM.

3) Bend forward and extend backwards
Stand naturally straight, feet parallel and shoulder-width apart and place the hands on the waist; then keep the waist bending forward and extending backwards to the full for 5-10 times respectively; keep the muscle in the waist relaxed when taking exercise and it is applicable to strengthen the kidney.

4) Rap Alternatively
Stand naturally with the legs bending, feet parallel and shoulder-width apart and the arms hang naturally at the sides of the thighs with the fist half-folded; turn the waist to the left side and then to the right side; meanwhile, sway the arms naturally when turning the waist; and keep the one hand in the front and anther at the back and then rap the lumber spinal cord and lower abdomen for about 30 times; it can strength and protect the kidney.

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