Acute Nephritis TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses acute nephritis

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1) Latent period:
There is a latent period between the infection of the streptococcus and the attack of the acute nephritis; it usually for 1-2 weeks with an average of 10 days; for a few patients, it’s less than a week or long for 3-4 weeks; generally speaking, the latent period for the acute nephritis after the streptococcus infection in the pharynx is less than those for that after the skin infection; the symptoms appear will appear after the that of the acute infection relieving or disappearing.

2) General symptom:
With various degrees of symptoms at onset; except the edema and hematuria, there are the poor appetite, lassitude, nausea, vomiting, headache, poor vigour, palpitation, shortness of breath or even convulsion; there is fever with a temperature around the 38℃ for some patients whose prior infection hasn’t been controlled.

3) Abnormity of urine:
The urine volume reduce when the edema attacking and is around 400-700ml within 24 hours for 1-2 weeks and will increase after that; almost every patients with various degrees of hematuria or even the complete hematuria when the condition is serious; the hematuria is muddy and with brown color for most patients and it with a short duration when checking by eyes; it only can be checked by microscope after several days; about 95 percent of the cases with the proteinuria of mild, moderate or massive amount and which will reduce to a little amount 2-3 weeks after the attack of disease and disappear after 2-3 months; the continuous proteinuria manifests that the disease is changing into the chronic condition.

4) High blood pressure:
it is seen among the 70 -90 percent of the patients; it usually at a mild or moderate degree which is most between the 17.3~20.0kPa and 12.0~14.7kPa; the duration of the high blood pressure is not totally as same as that of the hematuria and it will get normal within about 2 weeks. Click to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Chronic Nephritis.

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