Acute Nephritis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent acute nephritis

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1) Pay attention to keep absolute quite when taking treatment and lying on bed for rest; take a diet with low protein and no salt; maintain the balance between water and electrolyte to reclaim the metabolic poisoning. 

2) The patients suffering the glomerulus nephritis should not take drastic exercises.

3) Pay attention to prevent from the cold and infection; people should lie on bed for rest after the attack of disease; it’s better take diet with superior low protein, high heat, high vitamin and avoid the intake of Na and water; prevent all kinds of diseases due to infection of the haemolyticus streptococcus such as infection of the upper respiratory tract, acute amygdalitis, pharyngitis, scarlatina, erysipelas with pus, etc.

4) It is not necessary to stop taking fruit for the normal acute nephritis; but for the patients with severer conditions, we advocate people eat less fruit as the ability for discharging kalium is limited due to the poor kidney function and there is a large amount of kalium in the fruit; if the hyperkalemia has already exist in the body and the condition will be dangerous; the patients suffering from the kidney function failure with the hyperkalemia must avoid the fruit contains kalium such as sweet potato, potato, bamboo shoot, mushroom, cabbage, hot pickled mustard tuber, beans, peanut, walnut, etc. It is good for the health to take fruit during the convalescence.

5) The patients suffering the glomerulus nephritis should keep a good living habit, falling asleep early and getting up early; take a rest for half an hour in the afternoon to maintain physical force and it is good for healing.

6) Pay attention to the hygiene of the living environment and personal clothes to prevent from the gastrointestinal disease as it will influence the healing of the glomerulus nephritis.

7) The clothes should be washed and changes regularly; take loose, comfortable and soft cotton clothes; keep the skin clean to prevent from the infection of the prickly heat and boil as which will lead to recurring or aggravating of the disease. Click to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Nephritis.

8) Keep a positive and happy mood is good for healing.

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