Acute Nephritis TCM Therapy

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What're the folk recipes for acute nephritis

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1) Drink of Fresh Rhizoma Imperatae
Take 50g of the fresh rhizoma imperatae and 50g of the corn stigma and wash them clean to decoct for the juice; or decoct 60g of the rhizoma imperatae for the juice; take it for a drink and 3-5 times a day; it is applicable to the acute nephritis with the swelling in the face, aversion to cold, fever and difficult urine.

2) Radix Astragali (Huangqi) and Rhizoma Imperatae (Baimaogen) Soup 
Take 90g of the Radix Astragali (Huangqi) and 30g of the fresh rhizoma imperatae and decoct them in water for a drink; take it three times in the morning, afternoon and night respectively daily for 14-20 days; take one dose a day; it is applicable to warm yang and promote qi, induce diuresis to reduce edema. Continue to read Chronic Nephritis in TCM.

3) Two Flowers Tea
Take 15-30g of the honeysuckle, 15-30g of the chrysanthemum and a little green tea; infuse them for a drink; it is applicable to the acute nephritis with wind-heat invading lung and swelling and pain in the throat.

4) The Root of Beijing Euphorbia and Red Date Soup
Take 60-90g of the root of Beijing euphorbia and 20-30 red dates; wash the root of Beijing euphorbia clean and cut them into pieces; cook them with the red dates in 500ml of water until the 200ml of decoction is gained; add the yellow wine and decoct with the low fire for 200ml of the first decoction; each dose is decocted for twice; mix them up and take it in one time in the morning; take two doses in the first week and one dose in the second to the forth week; it is applicable to the acute glomerulus nephritis.

5) Take 100g of the green bean and 50g of the plantago seed; wash the green bean clean and wrap the plantago seed with the gauze; soak them in water for 20 minutes and decoct in water until the beans are soft; drink the soup and eat the beans; take it in 2-3 times daily and take the soup for 3-5 days continuously. Click to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Nephritis.

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