Acute Nephritis TCM Therapy

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What are the symptoms of acute nephritis

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1) Wind-cold: At the early onset, aversion to cold and wind, fever, cough, headache, little volume of urine, edema all over the body, especially above the waist, thin and white coating, floating and tight or deep and thready pulse.

2) Wind-heat: Fever, without aversion to cold, swelling and pain in the throat, mild edema in the face, scanty and red urine, hematuria can be seen by the eyes, red tongue with thin and yellow coating, floating and rapid or thready and rapid pulse. Click to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Nephritis.

3) Dampness-hot: Fever, dry mouth and lips, bitter in the mouth, preferring to the cold drinks, scanty and red urine, persistent edema, yellow coating, smooth and rapid coating.
Applicable to the patients suffering from skin infection or diseases caused by exogenous pathogenic factor have been cured, damp depression and heat-transmission.

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