Chronic Nephritis TCM Therapy

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How to prevent chronic nephritis

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(1) Pay attention to diet. The inadequate diet is easy to aggravate the burden on the kidney of patients with chronic nephritis, causing further damage of the kidney function, leading to the worsening of the illness. According to the characteristics of chronic nephritis, the patient should take foods with "two high and two low": "two low" refers to foods with low protein and low fat; "two high" means foods with high calorie and high vitamin.

(2) Restrain the sexual life: TCM believes that the kidney stores the essence. So, the nephrotic patients should be restrained in sexual life. Generally speaking, the sexual life should not exceed over twice a month for nephrotic patients. If the sexual life exceeded twice, it will be easy to lead to the diseases recurrence and aggravation.

(3) Alternate work with rest: in the daily work, whether in the physical or brain work, patients should not be over-fatigue, and should rest more, otherwise the metabolism is abnormal, also will increase the burden of renal function, as well as damage the kidney. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Chronic Nephritis

(4) Avoid taking analgesic anti-inflammatory privately, for example, taking some cold medicine and antibiotics. Before taking analgesic anti-inflammatory, patient must be taken under the guidance of the professional nephrotic doctor, because improper use of these drugs can directly impair the renal function, leading to kidney dysfunction.

(5) Regulate the seven human emotions: chronic nephritis patients must establish the confidence of fighting against diseases, because the condition of chronic nephritis is develop slowly. Therefore, patients should maintain the determination and confidence in treatment. Furthermore, irascibility and worries can cause liver injury, secretory system disorder, and renal function damage.

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