Treatment Preparations

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Preparations Prior to Treatmentv

1. Explanation
To some first visit patients, acupuncture and moxi-bustion therapy, especially acupuncture, may engender nervous tension. They may be afraid of stabbing pain, or needling of some important regions, such as head. The acupuncturist should pay attention to the patients' expression and explain to the patients in order to relax them and enable them to cooperate in the treatment.

2. Needles
The filiform needles are usually used in clinical treat-ment. Most of them are made of stainless steel. The com-mon filiform needles vary in length and diameter.

Clinically the needles ranging from gauges 28 - 32 in diameter and 1 - 3 cun in length are frequently used in clinical treatment. The needles are selected according to the patient's constitution, age, condition and regions to be punctured. The needles should be carefully examined before insertion. If the needle body gets rusty, crooked, or the area combined with the handle has become loose, or the needle tip is too blunt or hook-like, it will affect insertion, cause pain or even break the needle. These kinds of needles should not be used.

3. Postures
Appropriate posture of the patient is important for correct location of acupoints, prolonged retention of the needle and prevention of bending and breaking the needle as well as fainting during acupuncture. Before needling, the patient is advised to relax himself or herself, keep a comfortable and natural posture so as to maintain the position for a longer time. The following are some of the commonly selected postures:

4. Lying posture
Lying posture is most frequently used, especially for the aged, the patients with poor constitution or serious diseases or nervousness. Therefore lying position is significant in preventing fatigue or fainting. The following are some lying postures:
Supination: Suitable for needling the acupoints on the head and face, chest and abdominal regions, and the limbs.
Lateral recumbent posture: Suitable for needling the acupoints on the posterior region of the head, neck, back, and the lateral side of the limbs.
Pronation: Suitable for needling the acupoints located on the posterior region of the head, neck, back, lumbar and buttock regions, and the posterior region of the lower limbs.

5. Sitting position
Sitting position is suitable for needling the acupoints located on the head, neck, upper extremities or the back of the patient whose illness is mild. The following are some of the sitting positions:
Sitting in pronation: Applicable to the acupoints located on the posterior region of the head, neck and back.
Sitting in supination: Applicable to the acupoints located on the head and face as well as the upper chest region.
Sitting with inclining position: Applicable to the acupoints located on the lateral side of the head and ear areas.

6. Sterilization
Sterilization includes sterilization of the needles, selected region for needling, and the hands of the acupuncturist.

7. Needle sterilization
Sterilized needles, which should be used only once, are recommended. The needles for repeated use should be sterilized with autoclave. Method: The needles wrapped in gauze are sterilized in an autoclave under 15 pounds atmospheric pressure and 120℃ for 15 minutes. Boiling sterilization: The needles wrapped in gauze are boiled in water for 15 - 20 minutes. Medical sterilization: The needles are soaked in 75 % alcohol for 30 minutes and then taken out and cleaned with a piece of dry cloth. Twee zers, needle tray and other devices are sterilized by being soaked in 2 % lysol liquid or 1 : 1,000 corrosive sublimate liquid for 1 - 2 hours.v

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