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Chen style Taiji has recently made its appearance on the international scene and is fast becoming the most popular form of Taiji in the world today. Old and new students alike are beginning to appreciate why generations of the Chen family were determined to maintain their sacred art in its purest form, so that everyone could experience the maximum benefits under their guidance.

Chen Style Taiji for Health presents the most valuable and essential health aspects of Chen Style Taijiquan which include unique methods for increasing internal energy, energy collection and energy control. The exercises also help vitalize and enhance mental capacity. By combining the body movements of Taijiquan with the movement of the breath it is also possible to develop and improve spiritual awareness.

Diseases, Symptoms,  tcm, [tcmwindow.com]


Taiji Theory

Taiji for Health contains still exercises, meditation and the Taiji stance, along with dynamic moving exercises called forms. It places equal emphasis on external body movements and internal energy control. Mental awareness is combined with body movements. The conscious mind focuses on the movements, directing the body to move through the forms.

During practice keep quiet, calm and relaxed. Follow the principle "When one part ofthe body moves, the whole body moves accordingly. When one part of the body is motionless, the whole body is still." Let awareness, body movements and breathing combine to complement each other, co-operating and working together simultaneously. Your body and the space around you should form one unit. Collect all of the sky and earth energy (Qi) into the body and use it to nourish and replenish yourself. At the same time release harmful negative energy from the body. This helps to achieve good health and a long and happy life.

After a period of practice, your Qi energy, inherited at birth, will start to concentrate in your Dantian (located three fingers width below the navel) and energy surges throughout your body. As energy increases, feelings become stronger and your mood improves, making you happier, more cordial and more tolerant of other people, eliminating nervousness and anxiety. Strengthening Qi energy in this way is very beneficial for health, boosting the immune system and helping to protect against sickness and disease. Click here to learn Frequent Urination in TCM.

Once in command of energizing the body, the next step is to learn how to release energy. Releasing energy forms the powerful opening or closing elements of self-defense. Great care needs to be taken when using the energy release movements contained within the form. Energy release can both protect you from injury and also cause injury to an opponent.

In general, Taiji movements are very flexible and fluid. For practical purposes, you should follow the principles above and try to be as natural as possible. Try to avoid focusing purely on the movements themselves. Also try to remain aware of the philosophy behind the movements and your own internal feelings of energy. Click here to learn Diabeticin Nephropathy in TCM.

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