TCM Window is a medical organization providing consultation and medical service for people throughout the world. For the past years many patients have come through our TCM platform and have been helped by the use of the traditional Chinese medicine. They are deeply impressed by our profession, knowledges, and humanistic spirits. Followings are some experiences of our patient's who have seen good results from TCM treatments created by doctors at TCM WINDOW. 

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Cure my sciatica with herbal treatment
Chinese medicine was referred to me by a friend of mine. Doctor Liu at TCM WINDOW was so warmhearted and his technique is so exquisite. I was diagnosed with sciatica. I was in bed hurting so much and went to many health doctors. I did not receive any help. I seeked help from Dr. Liu and he cured me with Chinese herbs. I have been able to work again and help my family in the daily life. I highly recommend this as a treatment. If he can help me. He can all. Try it you will like it.
One of our clients from Mexico
Chinese herbs rid my chronic back pain
I have chronic back pain, and have taken Vicodin, Soma, Methadone and Prozac. Now I am addicted to Vicodin and am trying to withdraw from it. I've had two MRI and X-ray procedures that show nothing being wrong. Doctors are not able to explain why I have the pain. I feel acute bonelike hurting in my spine. I had this about 5 years ago. I have visited too many doctors but none of them have helped me. I really had no confidence in doctors and suspicious about any treatment. After the first herb treatment, I began to feel better. After the second treatment, suddenly, my lower back felt 80% better. Two months later, I felt 95% better. Many thanks. 
One of our clients from Algeria
I am very appreciative of the treatment the doctor provided for me
I got help from Dr. Lee with severe back pain and muscle spasms. The pain I was experiencing was horrible, similar to when I gave birth to my son. After just three courses of herbal treatment, I felt relief and was at least 60 % better. I am very appreciative of the treatment he provided for me.  Additionally, I was relieved by his confidence. His positive approach let me know that he knew what he was doing, so much so, I returned for more treatments. Knowing I needed extensive treatment; When the second course of treatment finished. There is a dramatic decrease in pain, and at least an 80% improvement. I feel so much better! Thank you very much.  
One of our clients from Singapore
Healthy, very mobile and virtually pain free now
I remember when I had to crawl upstairs, couldn't lift my arms to drive because my shoulders hurt so much, had footballs for knees, felt exhausted all the time and had many more painful and debilitating symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I have taken Chinese herbs, prescribed by Dr. liu at TCM WINDOW, for the past 11 years. I still have R.A. but am healthy, very mobile and virtually pain free - it is wonderful!
One of our clients from Netherlands
I am now free of pain, confident in my health again
When I first consulted Dr. liu, I was going through a severe flare up of rheumatoid arthritis.  I felt weak, ached all over and had swollen, very painful joints in my hands which restricted my movement of them and which made simple tasks such as writing, very difficult. Within 3 courses of taking the prescribed herbs, I was already a different person and six months later, I am now free of pain, confident in my health again and feel strong both physically and mentally.  And I am much happier. Thank you!
One of our clients from Australia
I was impressed with the attention to detail during the treatment
Dr. Wang creates the perfect ambiance for deep relaxation during her treatments. She uses carefully chosen, quality products in her facials that make your skin glow. I was impressed with the attention to detail during the treatment, with client comfort being top priority. Drawing from her expertise built up over many years, she uses a combination of massage tools and techniques to provide you with a experience that stands out from the rest.
One of our clients from Thailand
My allergy problems are getting better
I was having very bad allergy problems. My nose was running, I was sneezing, and my eyes were running. I had been taking a lot of different allergy medications, such as Allergra 120-180mg a day. I also suffered left leg pain associated with disk herniation and pressure on my nerve. I also had suffered from sleep apnea. My neck was stiff after an auto accident. I had a ruptured disc at L5-6 as a result of the accident. I went to see my regular doctor one month ago. My doctor prescribed Vioxx. I had an MRI that indicated L4-5 herniation. My ankle was also swelling. When I slept, it was very painful to move because of my back. By chance I was referred to TCM WINDOW and was advised to have TCM treatment. Three months later, my leg is much better and my allergy problems are getting better. I can now sleep through the night. I feel much more alert. My sinuses are opened up and the draining is clearing up and my eyes don't water like they did. My whole body feels better. 
One of our clients from Australia
I can tell my voice is getting back to normal
I had no allergies until I moved into Texas. When I eat some things; I feel a strong reaction. It makes my whole body just not right. I have been diagnosed by an allergist who said that I am allergic to dust, pollen, etc. I am not able to wear cosmetics, when I wear them I feel spastic and irritable. I am very restless no matter how many hours of sleep I get, I still feel so tired. After the herb treatment, I felt a lot changes in my system. I feel more alert and my voice is not rough as before. I can tell my voice is getting back to normal. My nasal passages are more open. Two weeks later, I am more alert in the morning, I am more sensitive to my environment, my voice is louder and my sleep is better. 
One of our clients from San Antonio, Texas
Dr. Lee was confident and able to explain any question
I have to think unreasonably hard concerning what to say about an uncommon human being and medical professional. Factually, I was in great pain, discomfort and prayed that my doctor's prescribed medicine and treatment plan would work. Although I was never sold on herbs, uncertain, and apprehensive, I was almost willing to try anything. But Dr. Lee was confident and able to explain any question I asked. Explaining how the body works and how medicines and treatment interacted was simply amazing. 
She has been my counselor, health advisor and excellent communicator, honest professional and perhaps most significantly, she demonstrates caring. The treatment modality most important is her insistence that one should not depend on drugs, treatments, etc alone, and that it is a far better thing, if we make ourselves healthier, by controlling our health naturally. She praised the advances in medicine. She helped me, but insisted I follow the treatment plan of my doctor and use her treatment services as a supplement. But her treatment works, besides she seems to emphasize a message that is uncommon, therapeutic and noble. Dr. Lee is working for me and is dedicated to my better health, therefore I'll be a patient for some time. 
One of our clients from Pueblo, Colorado
I can say with confidence that I am now cured
I will remember the year 2012 forever. In January I suddenly developed red spots on my lower arms, these slowly spread all over my body. By the end of February the skin on these spots started to leak fluid, and I sometimes had to change my clothes three times a day, but was wet again within the hour. Even at 30 degree heat in the summer I felt freezing cold, and not once did I wear a short sleeved shirt during this summer. Some days my skin dried up a bit, only to shed scales in large sheets. Whenever I took off my clothes, for instance if I went to the toilet, I had to afterwards clean away piles of scales and dry skin.
After numerous attempts to find a treatment for my condition, trying out any therapies available without success. By chance I got to know Dr. Zhang at TCM WINDOW and was advised to take Chinese herbs. From then on my condition improved every day in little steps, and within a month there was no more wetness, after 2-3 months, no more dry scaling of my skin, and after 3-4 months, the itching had all but stopped. After half a year of treatment I can say with confidence that I am now cured. My skin is the best it has been in my whole life, and I have suffered with skin problems from birth.
One of our clients from Mauritius
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