Diagnosis Sheet
Why fill out the diagnosis sheet?
1. TCM applies its own diagnostic approach which has been developed over thousands of years of practical experience. The diagnosis is approached very differently than by a conventional western method. TCM-Therapists rely on their knowledge, experience, and perception while diagnosing and treating a disease.
2. To create a tailor-made diagnosis for you, we need to obtain your health information, such as the medical symptoms and signs, as well as your sex, age, height, weight, diet, profession, family history, etc. So it's necessary that you fill out the diagnosis sheet as requested below. 

How Our TCM Experts Help You?

1. Create a diagnosis - We will find out the cause of your disease using our traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis method. We help to create a tailor-made diagnosis winthin two working days.
2. Plan the treatment - We will give you the most suitable treatment plan which may include Chinese herbal medication, herbal tea, acupuncture, Taji, Qigong or meridian massage.
3. Lifestyle suggestions - We will also give you suggestions for your lifestyle and diet according to your individual case in order to assist in a quick recovery and future prevention.
4. High quality service - We will answer you any questions you're concerned about as early as possible and will do regular follow-up services.
1. Important Health Data for TCM Diagnosis
1) Blood Pressure
2) Blood Sugar
3) Color of Stool
4) Frequency of Stool
5) Color of Urine
6) Frequency of Urine
7) Digestion
8) Sleep
9) Sweating
10) Body Pains
11) Energy
12) Emotion/Mood
13) Female Menstruation (Period)
14) Male Problems
2. Chief Complaints
Please describe your personal information according to the required items, including 1) age, 2) height & weight, 3) profession, 4) name of disease, 5) duration of disease, 6) symptoms & signs of your disease, 7) family history, 8) your expectation from our TCM experts
2) If you want to send us more materials, such as hospital medical tests, please send attachment to our email: tcmwindow@yahoo.com.
    Max:    512K,  Format: rar | zip | cab

3. Send Your Tongue Picture
In TCM, the tongue has many relationships and connections in the body, both to the meridians and internal organs. It is therefore very useful and important during inspection for confirming TCM diagnosis. It can present strong visual indicators of a person's overall harmony or disharmony. The top value of tongue diagnosis is to help identify syndromes and determine treatment. Please send your tongue picture as requested.

    Max:    128K
Standard Sample of Tongue Picture
Standard Sample of Tongue Picture
4. Contact Details
*Full name  
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