Cupping Methods

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Cupping Methods Introduction

1. Manipulations
A cotton ball with 95 % alcohol held by forceps is ignited, put into the cup, moved inside the cup for one circle and then taken out. When the burning cotton ball is taken out, the cup is immediately covered on the selected region. This method is called fire-flashing method (see Fig. 127). Or an ignited alcohol cotton ball or a piece of burning paper is thrown into the cup, the cup is immediately covered on the selected region. Usually the cup is sucked in place for about 10 minutes. For the withdrawal of the cup, the skin around the rim of the cup is pressed with the index finger to let air in, then the cup is removed slowly.

In addition, cupping may be used together with acupuncture. Method: During the retention of the needle, a cup is sucked over the needling area. The needle is withdrawn when the cup is removed. Or a three-edged needle is used to prick for bloodletting and then a cup is sucked over the pricked area for strengthening the curative effect.

2. Indications
This method is often used to treat wind-dampness syndrome, obstructive syndrome, numbness of the limbs, acute sprain, common cold, cough, stomachache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and some external diseases.

3. Cautions
It should not be used in patients with high fever and convulsion, edema as well as areas with large blood vessels, allergic skin or skin ulcer and the abdominal and lumbosacral regions of the gravida.
Cares should be taken to avoid burning or scorching the skin; retention of the cup should not be too long lest impairment of the skin be caused.
If the local congestion is severe after the removal of the cup, it is forbidden to perform cupping on the region again.
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