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This ancient tradition is comprised of energy pathways on the body called meridians or "vessels" or "channels". On each meridian are entryways which are called acupoints or "holes". Meridians are invisible channels of energy, each with a beginning and end, and each flowing in a specific direction. Along the channel are specific acupoints, or "holes", which allow access to the meridian. There are 12 major meridians, one for each organ, and 2 channels on the front and back midline of the body. Each meridian has its own set of points.  Meridians flow one to another throughout the entire surface of the physical body, ideally creating uninterrupted vertical flows of energy.

Meridians conduct energy, or qi (pronounced "chi") and move blood between the surface of the body and the internal organs. Each point has a different effect on the qi that passes through it. When one part of the body develops an over supply of qi, another part of the body will be deficient in qi. When there is a blockage of qi energy flow, disease occurs.

It is a network through which Qi travels to nourish and energize the human body. Meridians & acupoints can be stimulated or sedated with needles, pressure and massage (shaitsu), color (color light acupuncture), light (light acupuncture), sound (sound acupuncture), essential oils (acupuncture with essential oils) and crystals & stones (crystal acupuncture).

The purpose of Meridian & Acupoint therapies are to maintain the balance between yin and yang forces. By applying a specific color, light, sound, essential oil or crystal or stons to a meridian, or to single or multiple points on the meridian, energetic qi blockages can be removed restoring the free flow of qi energy to the meridian and its corresponding organ, therefore regulating and balancing the natural flow of qi energy.
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