Outline of Single Points

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Clinically, treatment of single point uses filiform needles most. Acupuncture with different technique, and brings effectiveness of qi, and produce certain stimulation. Generally speaking, more stimulation has the function of calming, spasmolysis, pain-killing, and inhibitory action; less stimulation has may promote the organism to relieve excessively suppresses and causes normal excitation. If combine the three factors together: the intensity of stimulation, the cumulative time, the frequency speed, normally, lightly stimulates, short time, low frequency, and slow speed will make the organism have a weaker excited effect; lightly stimulates, long time. low frequency, and slow speed may have the weaker inhibitory action; heavily stimulates, short time. high frequency, and fast speed may have a stronger excited effect; strong stimulates, long time, high frequency, and fast speed may have a stronger inhibitory action.
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