Application of the theory

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Guiding the Examination of Acupoints
Under pathological conditions, meridians become the routes to transmit pathogenic factors. Pathological changes of the viscera and meridians can be revealed by abnormal reactions along the routes along which the meridians run.  So meridians are also helpful for diagnosing diseases, which is recorded in the chapter of Back-Shu acupoints in Lingshu (Spiritual Pivot). Currently, diagnosis is made by examining whether there appear tenderness, subcutaneous nodules, prominence and depression along the meridian routes or by pressing Shu-Stream, Front-Mu, Yuan-Source, Luo-Connecting and Xi-Cleft acupoints.

Guiding Clinical Syndrome Differentiation
Clinically accurate diagnosis can be made in light of the symptoms and signs as well as the regions covered in cyclical flowing and the viscera connected with. In the Chapter of Tendons of the Meridians in Lingshu (Spiritual Pivot), the syndromes of the twelve meridians, fifteen collaterals and twelve tendons were recorded. The twelve meridians, the core of the meridian system, were summarized in terms of the disorders of the regions covered in their cyclical flowing and the diseases of the viscera associated with them.

Guiding Therapeutic Methods
The doctrine of meridians is extensively applied to the treatment in all clinical specialties, especially to the clinical treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion. Such guidance is well reflected in the location of acupoints which is done according to syndrome differentiation and the pertaining meridians as well as the distribution and cyclical flowing of the meridians.
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