TCM WINDOW is a medical center providing health consultation and treatment for people throughout the world. We are dedicated to providing the best Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and integrative healing therapies to optimize your body’s intrinsic healing potential and promote longevity and wellness. We support your choice to concurrently work with your M.D. or western medicine practitioner- our specialized form of treatment will always enhance and complement your western treatment. Our doctors' deep understanding of both Chinese herbology and western medicine allows them to safely design individual and specific treatments targeted especially for your needs. 
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Dr. Wei
Dr. Wei
Dr. Wei was born in 1964, 52 years old. Since childhood she began to learn TCM from her grandfather, a famed doctor of Miao ethnic group. During the long-term clinical practice, Dr. Wei has accumulated rich experience in preventing and treating diseases, and has adopted various methods and techniques in treating illness with her own characteristics.  

1. Special diagnostic and therapeutic methods:
Besides diagnosis through observing, listening, asking and touching, Dr. Wei is accomplished in multiple diagnostic methods such as the commonly used nail, palm, tongue, ear and face inspection. She is able to distinguish diseases by observing the nature, colors, odour of the patient's urine. With regard to the treatment, Dr. Wei uses ancestral and effective measures of TCM medicine, for instance, acupuncture, needle pricking, meridian holographic therapy, fire moxibustion, cupping, massage, and Guasha. Dr. Wei has also treated difficult and complicated diseases successfully with such therapies as milled herbal therapy, fire therapy, light therapy, and so on. 

2. Spinal adjustment by Pan's family Technique
This is a technique through which Dr. Wei presses the patient's lumbar vertebra from up to down so as to diagnose of the medical issue, then, stikes and corrects the lumbar vertebra which is deformed or protruded. Finally, herbs are applied to specific affected areas and herbal fomulas are prescribed for oral taking. This omprehensive therapy has proved to be extremely effective for patients with spinal diseases. 

3. Bath Therapy, Herbal steam therapy, Fumigation washing therapy
Natural herbs used for these unique therapies are collected from the remote mountains in Rongshui county. With the herbs composed and decocted, they're then applied to patients for soaking, washing, or steaming. The goal of the therapy is to increase the flow of blood and to clear away the internal Evils (wind, dampness, toxins).  

Clinical Specialities: 
Dr. Wei specialises in treating otorhinolaryngologic, cardiovascular, neurological, dermatological, metabolic, renal as well as mental health conditions, such as rhinitis, gout, cancers, lupus erythematosus, asthma, injuries or fracture, rheumatism, uremia, epilepsy, hepatitis B, nephritis, diabetes, sequela of apoplexy. She also specialises in gynaecology, female fertility. Dr. Wei's prestigious reputation is reported by the media internationally. 
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