Hip pain and sciatica
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TCM Treatment for hip pain and sciaticaSciatica hip pain is a symptomatic condition common to many lower back and sacroiliac joint concerns. Hip pain can be a result of a structural issue in the spine or actual hip joint, but can also be enacted by a psychosomatic sciatica process using ischemia as its causative mechanism. Sciatica can affect the lower back, buttocks, legs or feet. Sometimes, patients have one of the worst expressions in or around the hip joint. Hip socket degeneration issues are common, especially in elderly patients and those with advanced arthritic conditions. However, many cases of hip pain are incorrectly diagnosed as stemming from an anatomical shortcoming or deficiency, when all along the structural issues are coincidental to any pain experienced.

Chinese Herbs promote healing through the bloodstream and meridian complex by balancing organ energy. These formulas contain an average of six different herbs each-some for stimulating blood, others for coating the stomach, others for pulling the herbals to lower parts of the body. These Chinese herbal remedies are not single-dose herbs for problems. Many herbs are combined into each formula to provide a well-rounded method of stopping the symptom while at the same time balancing the body to keep it from returning.

If you have the Symptoms of Sciatica--Hip pain, we would say herbal medicine is a safe and effective form of treatment. At TCM Window, we offer relaxing treatments and expert guidance through the whole process. We specialize in different kinds of chronic and difficult miscellaneous diseases, we offer the best possible care in a peaceful and welcoming environment. If you would want our expert to create a TCM diagnosis, please fill out the health form as requested.

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