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Chinese medicine formula requires reasonable collocation, and the prescriptions will be more effective if the principle of monarch(jun), minister(chen), adjuvant(zuo) and guide(shi) herbs in a prescription. TCM takes effects on many parts of the body and treats the disease overall; and it focuses on strengthening body resistaance and eliminating evils. Different from western medicine, traditional Chinese is not easily to cause drug resistance; while many western medicines such as antibiotic would fall into disuse after a period of time.
Outline of Chinese Herbalism
One of the primary principles that distinguish Chinese herbalism from other health systems is the attitude that the Chinese have taken toward health. For thousands of years, the Chinese people have created a body of knowledge that places emphasis on promoting health and longevity. They focus on health instead of disease. This is a great contrast to the western medicine that focus on treating the disease with drugs and surgery after they have occurred. According to Eastern wisdom, the promotion of health is one of the great secrets of a long, satisfying and happy life. This is also the mind set that creates the basis for radiant health.
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