Postpartum Depression Treatment with Acupuncture

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You need to equally care for yourself as you are caring for your new born baby since a healthy mother also means a healthy child. Acupuncture treatment for postpartum recovery can help resolve some of issues that women encounter after giving birth:

Persistent Lochia
Pain and healing of incisions from C-section

Mastitis, breastfeeding issues, milk production
Getting acupuncture therapy after birth is just as good as receiving it during your pregnancy since your body functions optimally regardless of the process it is undergoing. Besides helping you feel better initially after giving birth, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can also give you a deeper appreciation of the progress of your recovery; it also serves to prevent any conditions from arising and can help maintain your good health as well.

Labor and giving birth tend to require huge amounts of resources and energy and it is equally important for a new mother to allow herself to rest and recover as caring for her newborn. Immediately after giving birth, a woman recuperates during her post-natal period of 1 and a half months. She can experience an imbalance of vital energy (known as Qi) that may lead to fatigue, depression, mood swings, heaviness of the extremities, numbness and aching during that time.

C-section Recovery with Acupuncture
Women may find acupuncture treatment a very effective way to recover after undergoing a C section or a vaginal delivery. One needs to understand that recuperating from cesarian delivery is basically a recuperation from a major form of surgery, it is then vitally important that a woman receive the best care possible and adequate time to recover in the same way she desires to give the best love and care for her new baby. Acupuncture is capable of repairing the tissue around the surgical site as well as generating back the strength of the internal organs and muscles particularly the reproductive and bladder organs, as well as strengthening the abdominal core muscles that can help a woman move much better resulting in the better care of her baby and herself.

Postpartum Depression Treatment with Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been proven through various medical studies to significantly treat depression that usually accompanies postpartum births. 

Acupuncture is able to normalize enzymes and hormones, release endorphins, relax the body, calm the mind, restore balance to the chemistry of the brain and enhance circulation. Acupuncture treatments for postpartum depression are identical in many ways to treatments for non-postpartum depression. Acupuncture for postpartum depression provides benefits such as balancing mood swings, increasing nutrient uptake, boosting energy and fortifying the immune system, to enable the new mother to be more capable of giving the best care to her baby.

Apart for complications arising during birth, in which case giving acupuncture therapy can commence immediately postpartum to accelerate recovery, it is advisable to begin 3 days after the birth, to be continued once a week for a month. If home visits are not an option, then Chinese herbal remedies are recommended.

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