Is Taiji suitable for kids to take up as a general exercise

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10. Is Taiji suitable for kids to take up as a general exercise
Q46:When can I graduate in Taiji?

A: Taiji is a life-long exercise to learn and practice. People work on one layer to another layer and never end the journey of study. So "keep going and never stop" would be the answer to graduating in Taiji.

Q47: Is Taiji suitable for kids to take up as a general exercise?

A: Yes, It is a very good exercise for kids to take up as it helps them to calm down and be more self-controlled. It encourages self-discipline, patience, balance, co-ordination and a high level of fitness. However, the type of training methods applied to the kids are slightly different to normal adult classes. We normally start with the hard and fast exercises to keep their interest, while mixing with soft and slow movements in between. 

Q48: What are the Taiji well-being exercises about and how do they work?

A: The Taiji well-being exercises are specially set out and designed for those companies, colleges and government departments who wish to host an introductory taster session or an away-day for members of staff to relax and destress. It is very easy for people to participate in the exercises and very effective as well. We have had very good positive feedback from various organizations in the past. It is a set of Taiji Foundation exercises covering Warm-up exercises, Hands with Foot Step exercises, Qigong Breathing exercises, Taiji stance and simple form exercises. All exercises together take about 40-50 minutes to finish and it is very easy to follow the instructor during the sessions, with no experience required at all. These are perfect exercises to help people have a break during the middle of a hard working day and recharge the body. Click to learn Tinnitus in TCM.

Q49: Why do the movements seem different when performed by different masters? How does it affect the practice and how should students Cope with it?

A: Each movement in the form had a lot of application meaning when it was designed initially. By default, when you break the movement down into applications, the ways of practice are obviously different. Also different people have different body shapes and individual preferences, which result in performing the same movement in slightly different ways. This is analogous to one mother having 10 sons and they are all different. So, once you put the application meaning and personal preferences together, you can imagine how different it could be. However, whatever changes or differences of format of movement there are, the central core principle of the movement always stays the same. Once you understand the multiple applications possible from each movement and figure out your individual preferences, Everything will become very clear and simple. Eventually, you can even form your own individual style or way to practice.

As you progress, your movements will be performed differently. With experience, the movements naturally become more detailed and your consciousness, breathing and spirit will be built into the form, along with stronger internal energy. Beginners follow the outward frame of the movements in a very big and square way. As you get more experienced, you will follow the feeling of the internal energy and practice with more precision. The movements will become smaller and more circular.

At different stages, even for the same person, the movements will be different. This is the same for all levels and even Grandmasters; everybody has their own personal way of performing Taiji, but the principles of the movements always stays the same.

Q50: What should I do when I practice at home but forget the movements?

A: The best way to is just try to practice as much as you can remember from the classes and ignore the forgotten bit of the movement. As the teaching session is a continuous activity, you will have plenty of opportunities to catch up on the details later on. In other words, the benefits of Taiji is not from the individual movement but from continuous and dedicated practice. As long as you practice the exercises, you will definitely receive great benefits.

Alternatively, the instructional DVDs and videos that accompany this book would be another solution. They should remind you and refresh your mind, enabling you to catch up on the bits you have missed or forgotten.

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