Deficiency of liver blood, TCM acupuncture system
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It appears somber white facial complexion, pale tongue, fine pulse, when blood is deficiency it can not nourish eyes, appears dry eyes and can not see objects clearly or nyctalopia. When liver blood is deficiency, conception vessel, thoroughfare vessel, kidney meridian and spleen meridian are hemophthisis and menstrual blood volume decreases or menostasia.

Deficiency of liver yin: yin asthenia stirs fire, meridian qi deviates to yang and runs upward along liver meridian and heart meridian, it appears reddening of the cheeks, dry mouth, upset, agrypnia or heat vexation, perspiration with low-grade fever, red tongue and scant tongue fur, rapid, stringlike and fine pulse besides symptoms of deficiency of liver blood.

 Key words:  Facial complexion
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