Hyperpyrexia of liver, TCM acupuncture system
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Fire super inverses to chest and hypochondrium along meridian, it appears burning pain of costal regions, Constipation, distention and pain or jumping pain of both sides on head, dizzy, flushing, conjunctival congestion, red tongue, yellow tongue fur, stringlike and rapid pulse. Gallbladder meridian is distributed over liver and runs upward then is distributed over eyes and ears, it appears tinnitus and deafness. Kidney meridian is distributed over liver. When kidney yin is deficiency, kidney water can not nourish wood and liver yin is also deficiency, asthenic yin causes excessive pyrexia which runs upward along liver meridian and gallbladder meridian; it appears reddening of the cheeks, giddy, tinnitus, dry eyes, dry and pain throat. If deficient fire runs downward, it will impact kidney meridian, conception vessel and thoroughfare vessel will appear Spermatorrhoea, Irregular Menstruation and women’s diseases, red tongue and no tongue fur, fine and rapid pulse. Liver meridian is distributed over lung. When liver fire is flourishing it can invade lung along meridian and appear chest and hypochondrium, Paroxysmal cough, when serious it will cough up blood.

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