Facial neuroparalysis treated with Chinese herbal prescription
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Dispelling wind, removing phlegm and relieving spasm.

Wind syndrome manifested as facial paralysis, distortion of the face, or even convulsion of the facial muscles, whitish tongue, and floating slippery pulse; including facial neuroparalysis and prosopalgia.

Bai Fu Zi (Rhizoma Typhonii), 
The above three ingredients are in the same amount.

Bai Fu Zi: Dispelling wind pathogen, resolving phlegm, having the special action of treating wind syndrome of the head.

Jiang Can and Quan Xie: Dispelling wind pathogen and relieving spasm.

These three ingredients works together to exert special and great potency.

The three ingredients are ground into fine powder. 3 g of which is taken each time, twice daily. The ingredients may also be decocted in water for oral dose, but, in so doing, their dosages should be modified properly according to their original proportions.

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