Mental disorder treated with Chinese herbal prescription
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Tian Dong 9 g,
Dan Xing 3 g,
Ju Hong 3 g,
Yuan Shen 4.5 g,
Ramulus Oncariae cum Uncis (Gouteng) 4.5 g,
Chen Sha 0.9 g.

Sheng Tie Luo: Pacifying liver and subduing yang, checking adverse rise of qi.

Dan Nan Xing, Bei Mu, Ju Hong: Eliminating phlegm.

Chang Pu: Inducing resuscitation.

Yuan Zhi, Fu Shen and Chen Sha: inducing tranquilization.

Mai Dong, Tian Dong, Xuan Shen and Lian Qiao: Tonifying yin and clearing heat.

Sheng Tie Luo is first decocted for 45 minutes, the decoction into which other ingredients in the prescription are put.

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