Stroke treated with Chinese herbal prescription
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Induce resuscitation, resolve phlegm, induce sedation and tranquilization.

Jiang Xiang 30 g,
Guang Huo Xiang 30 g,
Lian Zi Xin 30 g,

Jiang Xiang: Resolving stasis to stop bleeding, regulating qi and alleviating pain.

Guang Huo Xiang: Resolving dampness, arresting vomiting, releasing exterior.

Gua Lou Zi: Moistening lung, resolving phlegm and lubricating intestines.

Zhu Sha: Calming the mind through its heavy nature.

Lian Zi Xin:Clearing heart-fire, stopping bleeding and securing essence.

Bing Pian and Yu Jin: Being aromatic in nature, clearing away epidemic pathogenic factors, causing resuscitation, strengthening She Xiang's action of restoring consciousness.

Niu Huang: Removing heat pathogen from the heart, eliminating toxic material, clearing away phlegm for resuscitation.

He Zi: Astringing Qi, tempering the actions of the drugs pungent and aromatic in nature.

Meng Shi: Sending down the flow of Qi to arrest asthma, eliminating phlegm to alleviate palpitation.

Hu Po: Inducing sedation and tranquilization, activating blood and resolving stasis, inducing diuresis and relieving stranguria.

Su He Xiang, She Xiang and An Xi Xiang: Being aromatic in nature, restoring consciousness.

Mu Xiang, Tan Xiang, Chen Xiang, Ru Xiang, Ding Xiang and Xiang Fu: Promoting the circulation of Qi to remove stasis, expelling cold and turbid pathogens, eliminating the stagnation of Qi and blood in the Zang-Fu organs.

Tian Ma and Jiang Can: Extinguishing wind to stop spasm, dispelling wind to alleviate pain.

Zhi Gan Cao: Invigorating the spleen and stomach, tempering the actions of all the other ingredients.

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