Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of five sense organs function
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Source of function of five sense organs is not qi of general circulation in meridians and collaterals but supported by qi of viscera. Lung qi connects with the nose and nose can realize perfume and osmyl when lung qi is harmony; if lung qi is disturbance, it will be hyposmia. Heart qi connects with tongue and tongue can realize five tastes when heart qi is harmony; if heart qi is disturbance, it will be heart vexation and do not have any taste when eating. Liver qi is connected with eyes and eyes can distinguish five colours when liver qi is harmony; if liver qi is disturbance, eyes can not distinguish colors or see objects clearly. Spleen qi connects with mouth and mouth can distinguish five cereals when spleen qi is harmony; if spleen qi is disturbance, there is no sense of sweet when eating.

Kidney qi connects with ear and can realize five notes when kidney qi is harmony; if kidney qi is disturbance, it will be deafness. Function of the above sense organ originates from qi of viscera. Meridians and collaterals of each viscus organ pass five sense organs. So if viscera organs are disturbance, obstruction of meridians and collaterals where viscera distribute over five sense organs or weakness of meridians qi will cause aberration of function of five sense organs. Except subordination viscera organs supporting function of five sense organs, it needs other viscera nourish. So each perception organ is distributed over several meridians and collaterals.

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