Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of heart disorder
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The heart dominates blood circulation and vessels. If blood qi is upset, it will be symptoms of cardiopalmus, short breath and chest distress.

Heart controls mental and emotional activities. If mind is upset, it will be symptoms of insomnia, loss of memory, fearful throbbing, vesania, obnubilation and babbing.

Heart takes charge of perspiration and blood and sweat are derived from the same source. When it is deficiency of heart blood and heart qi, it will be symptoms of night sweat, spontaneous perspiration and when heart yang is little, it will be symptom of dripping great sweat.

Heart opens at the tongue. When it is deficiency of heart blood, it will be symptoms of hypercardiopyrexia or body of tongue pain, cariac blood stasis, and texture of tongue purple or suggillation. When phlegm warms heart it will be symptom of stiffen tongue.

Heart and small intestine are in external and internal relations. When the heart passes the evil heat to the small intestine, it will be symptoms of sore in mouth and tongue, anabrosis and pain, feverish dysphoria inheart, scanty dark urine, blood in the urine and painful urination.

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