Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of liver disease
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Liver controls dispersion and has function of deoppilation, upbearing and effusion. If the function is not normal, it will appear affect-mind instability,susceceptibility to frtght and fear, irritable and irascibility, stagnation of qi and blood stasis even blood, dysfunction of spleen and stomach qi being unable to descend normally.

Liver is in charge of storing blood and has function of storage and regulation blood volume. If the function is not normal, it will appear symptoms of haematemesis, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis or spanomenorrhea and amenorrhea.

Liver controls tendon. If the function is not normal, it will be disadvantage of flexion and extend of syntaxis, spasm and convulsion.

Liver opens at the eyes. If liver qi is insufficiency, eyes will be in nubibus. If it is hyperpyrexia of liver, there is conjunctival congestion.

Liver and gallbladder are in internal and external relations. Diseases of liver and gallbladder appear at the same time and can not separate resolutely.

 Key words:  Haematemesisconvulsion

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