Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of splenic disorder
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Spleen controls transportation and transformation. Food stuff enters into stomach and digests then transforms to qi and blood by spleen and nourishes the whole body. Besides it has the function of transmitting and distributing the fluids. If transportation and transformation of spleen is upset it will appear abdominal fullness, rugitus, and food damage diarrhea, food without transforming, Edema and Insomnia.

Spleen governs splenogastric qi. If splenogastric qi is deficiency it will be clear yang failing to ascend and turbid yin failing to descend and appear frequent micturition, incontinentia urina, proctoptosis, visceroptosis viscera.
Spleen is responsible for keeping blood within the vessels and controls blood. If spleen is deficiency it will be delinquency of government, abnormal circulation of blood and can see hemafecia, subcutaneous hemorrhage, menorrhagia and metrorrhagia and metrostaxis.

Spleen nourishes the muscles. If spleen is ill it will be wasting and debility of extremity. If spleen is healthy it will be turgor vitalis and eusthenia of muscle.

Spleen opens at the mouth. Harmony of spleen can realize taste of five cereals, if it is deficiency, it will tasteless. If spleen is healthy lip will be bloom and if spleen is deficiency lip will be etiolate and dry.

Spleen likes dryness and dislikes dampness. No matter external dampness or internal dampness they are all easy to impair spleen and cause deficiency of spleen. After deficiency of spleen it is easier to infect external dampness. If spleen is blocked by dampness it will appear cerebaria, body menstrual stagnation, stomach duct, oppression and fullness, sloppy diarrhea.

Spleen and stomach are in internal and external relation. Stomach likes dampness and hates dryness, it opposites with spleen. The two are concordance with each other and they govern digestion at the same time. Spleen and stomach are related with each other, so their symptoms appear simultaneously.

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