Block diagram of regulation function of meridians and collaterals to viscera
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Regulation of viscera function is through different materials that are distributed over viscera and transported by meridians and collaterals. Among these materials, some interconnect to generate greater function and some connect to generate neutralization and weaken the function. This combination process that produces different results is when viscera function is more prosperity, meridians and collaterals can transport materials of rejection function in other viscera to the viscus and weaken the function. Contradictory, if function of certain viscus is asthenia, meridians and collaterals can transport materials that other viscera reinforce function of the viscus to improve function of the viscus. Commonness of these materials is yin and yang and specificity is five elements and general name of materials is qi.

Meridians and collaterals regulate function of viscera by these materials, such as relation between function of heart and kidney, function of heart is fire and function of kidney is water, they are materials that the most active and the most instability in five elements. In order to stabilize the active efficiency, restriction contribution is between the two, kidney yin is ascended to heart to increase proportion of heart yin through meridians and collaterals gangway between heart and kidney and inhibit excessive heart fire; heart yang is descended to kidney to support kidney yin and counteract water and fire. If meridians and collaterals are disturbance it will appear symptom of carduonephric cisharmony. Function of lung is metal and spleen is earth, they are stable materials and there is no restriction relation between them.

Only function of spleen strengthens function of lung, or it says that part function of lung originates function of spleen that is earth engenders metal. So there are meridians and collaterals of spleen and stomach which are distributed over lung, only they transport grain qi which obtains from spleen and stomach that there is normal function activity of lung. If spleen is deficiency, function of lung will weaken and it will appear hectic fever and profuse sputum. It is thus clear that meridians and collaterals play crucial role in function activity of viscera.

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