Eleven collaterals in miscellaneous vessels
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Eleven collaterals in miscellaneous vessels are 11 collaterals which have names, allocation, manifestations of disease of collaterals and significance of therapeutics in Neijing but not concluded in the system of meridians and collaterals by later generation up to now.

There are various collaterals recorded in Neijing and major collaterals include twelve divergent collaterals, fifteen collaterals and eight extra meridians. Of the total twelve divergent collaterals and fifteen collaterals are recorded more detailed. Records of eight extra meridians are not so clear especially records of yin link vessel and yang link vessel are less clear. Suwen.Ciyaotonglun only recorded existence of yang link vessel but not circulation routes or manifestations of disease. Except the record that large collateral of meridian of Foot-TAL YANG is 5 cun above medial malleolus and associates with yin link vessel before kidney meridian, there is no other record. Yang link vessel has manifestations of disease and allocation but not circulation routes. Later generation aligns it in study and improves its theory contents. There are many records of collaterals in Neijing that are more detailed than yin link vessel and yang link vessel and are similar to yin link vessel and yang link vessel. But these collaterals are not concluded in system of meridians and collaterals which is shortage in study of meridians and collaterals and clinical application. 
In order to conclude some value collaterals in system of meridians and collaterals, the author selects according to situation below: the first type is that have names, detailed distribution routes of collaterals and subordination viscera. The second type is that have names, allocation and manifestations of disease of collaterals and therapeutic measure. Belonging to one of them is the choice object. 11 collaterals are selected initially, that are uterine collaterals, uterine vessels, scattered vessel, perineum vessel, transverse collateral, the branches of meridian of Foot-TAI YANG spreading into paravertebral muscles, epiglottis vessel, glorious yang vessel, flying yang vessel, Yangpu point and subcolateral of gallbladder meridian and they are generally called eleven collaterals. There are several collaterals which are not totally to be provided with the above condition so they are not concluded in it.

Miscellaneous vessels are 11 collaterals which do not have rules in distribution form and can not become standalong but have certain significant in diagnosis and therapy, so they are called eleven collaterals in miscellaneous vessels.

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